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Ice block machine

ice block machine

Ice block machine is mainly used for making an ice block. Ice is a Taiwanese snack. It can make various flavors according to a different formula. This machine has several models according to a different capacity. If you want to have a small beverage store, this machine is a good choice. And also can equip with an ice shaver machine for deep processing.

First, prepare the raw materials. Then take out the ice bucket and ice bucket loading board. Pour the freezing fluid into the freezing cylinder to reach the middle position. Then wait for about 2 hours, turn on the power switch, pump switch. Let the machine cool for 1 hour before putting the ice bucket. Put the ice puree into the machine. Turn on the switch, and then frozen about 6 hours. When the amount of freezing fluid is reduced to a low level, the freezing fluid should be added.

Monochrome ice operation:

Turn on the cooling switch and water pump switch to allow the machine to be pre-cooled for 1 hour. Then wipe the outside of the ice bucket with the raw materials and put it into the freezing cylinder. Place the ice bucket and cover top cover.

Two-color ice operation:

On the basis of making monochrome ice, place the two-color mold in the center of the ice bucket, and then place the ice bucket. When making two-color ice, add the warm water to the two-color mold and pull it out of the ice bucket. Pour the material into the center to complete the two-color ice production.

ice block machine

Ice taking of the Ice block machine:

Turn off the cooling switch and tilt the ice bucket. Hang it on the ice bucket sling and drain the chilled liquid. Remove the ice bucket and let the faucet rinse outside the ice bucket until the ice block can pour out. Or the ice bucket soaks in the warm water of about 40 degrees for 2-3 minutes and then pour the ice block out.

Installation steps and precautions of the ice block machine:

  1. The machine is only used indoors. It should be placed on a dry floor. The temperature within the 500mm range of the machine should not exceed 70°C.
  2. The distance between the items around the machine is greater than 300mm. The air inlet and outlet of the machine condenser should be kept open, and there should be no inhalation nearby.
  3. This unit must be installed with an independent power supply. The cross-sectional area of the cable should not be less than 2.5mm. The ice block machine should have a good grounding device to ensure that the machine’s power cord is equipped with a short circuit and leakage device.
  4. For models with more than fifteen barrels, It needs professional electricians to install special lines and installs 30A air switch at the power cord end of the machine.

Technical parameters of the ice block machine:

ModelSize(mm)Weight(kg)Power(kW)Bucket number(pcs)Freezing fluid(kg)






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