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Ice shaver machine

ice shaver machine

The ice shaver machine is the main equipment for the cold drink shop to make cold drinks. It can shave ice block into hail for making ice porridge and shaved ice, which is a necessary machine for cold drink shop. The shave ice can be used for cola, cold drinks, smoothies, etc. It is a popular food in the summer holiday. This machine can make various flavors of different raw materials.



WaterSugarIce cream
250g1.5kg(1kg hot water+0.5kg cold water)200g


ice shaver machine

Ice shaver machine operation steps:

  1. Prepare one ice bucket, one electronic scale, one ice block machine, one ice shaver machine.
  2. Weighing with electronic scales: ice powder 250g, heating water 1kg,

And cold water 500g then stirs evenly. Add 200g white sugar and stir.

  1. Clean the ice block machine, pour in the prepared ice(liquid). Turn on the ice shaver machine and stir about 5 minutes.
  2. Pour it into the ice bucket and add 500g ice cream then stir about 5 minutes.
  3. Take out the foam on the ice surface and wait for about 10 minutes. Then put in the freezer to freeze.
  4. Freezer freezing temperature -22~25°C, freeze for 8 hours.
  5. Remove the frozen ice block and let the ice block’ own cold air freeze the liquid on the surface of the ice block(Take out the ice in the freezer, cover the ice bucket, rinse the outside of the ice bucket with a faucet to cool down until the ice block are separated from the inside of the ice bucket)
  6. Ice block temperature dro After the cooling is completed, the ice will be fixed.
  7. Debug the tool to ensure the thickness of the ice
  8. Prepare the utensils and pick up the finished product at the bottom of the ice tray.

Customer use case:

There is a customer from the Philippines who opens a cold drink shop. He wants to expand the storefront and needs some cold drink equipment. Therefore, he finds us on Alibaba and asks some questions about the machine. We recommend him the ice block machine, ice shaver machine, hard ice cream machine, popsicle maker, etc. The machine working video and technical parameters of these machines are sent to him. Finally, he chooses the ice block machine and ice shaver machine. These machines have a small footprint, are easy to use, and have a fast recycling cost. This machine is a hot machine in the summer. In the tourist season, the shaved ice is the first choice for people to relieve the heat.

Technical parameters of the ice shaver machine:


SizePowerWeightCapacityVolume of iceMax size of the ice block



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