Solid liquid separators / poultry dung de-water machine

Solid liquid separators mainly can separate livestock dung such as pig dung, duck dung, cow dung, chicken dung, etc. into liquid organic fertilizer and solid organic fertilizer. The liquid organic fertilizer can be directly used for the absorption and utilization of crops, and the solid organic fertilizer is to be transported to the area lacking fertilizer. The output also plays the role of improving the soil structure, being made into an organic compound fertilizer through fermentation. In addition, solid liquid separators are applied to deal with sewage and kitchen waste.

The dung water is sent to the machine by a mud pump, and the solid material is squeezed and separated by a screw shaft placed in the screen. Then liquid flows out from the liquid outlet through the screen.

The operation video

Application of poultry dung de-water machine

  1. The dry dung separated by solid liquid separators is almost odorless, and the viscosity is small and can be used as fertilizer.
  2. The dry dung is mixed into the grasshopper and strain and then stirred them thoroughly, which can form a composite organic fertilizer.
  3. The final output also can be made into pellet feed for feeding fish.
  4.  It can apply the fertilization of flowers, special economic crops transforming the organic matter of the soil.


  1. The separation speed is fast, and the moisture content of the separated feces is between 20% and 50%.
  2. The slag and water content can be adjusted, and it is easy to transport.
  3. The solid particles are suitable for feeding fish and can be considered as organic fertilizer.

Technical parameter

Outer Raw material201 stainless steel
Core raw material(screen, screw)304 stainless steel
Power of dung pump3KW
Main power4KW
Voltage380V 50HZ, Three-phase
Packing size1700*1100*700mm
Net weight350KG
Gross weight370KG

How to operate poultry dung de-water machine?

  1. Carefully check the pipelines of inlet and outlet before the operation, and check whether the connection is correct, and the connecting bolts are tight or not.
  2. Open the natural gas outlet valve and the raw material inlet valve. Pay attention to the liquid level indication. The liquid level should be maintained between 1/2 and 1/3. If there is any abnormality, adjust the opening degree of the inlet and outlet valves in time to reach stable state.3. Poultry dungde-water machine enters a stable operating state, pay attention to observe the liquid level indication, not less than 1/2. If it is too low, you should close the water discharge valve until the liquid reaches the specified range and then start the
  3. Observe the internal temperature and pressure of the separator, whether it is normal, and strictly prevent over-temperature and over-pressure operation. Record regularly and the liquid level should be recorded at the same time.
  4. Exclude dirt and sediment inside the solid liquid separators every half month.
  5. The pressure gauges, pressure gauge valves, safety valves, etc. are strictly prohibited from being disassembled and opened.
  6. Pay attention to changes in oil temperature to prevent oil accidents.
  7. When the solid  liquid separators is deactivated, the container and the liquid in the pipeline should be removed.


  1. What’s the capacity of solid liquid separators

Under normal circumstances, it can process 5-8 cubic meters of raw materials.

  1. What is the power of the motor?

The customer how many raw material to process, and the power of the machine should be based on customer’s requirements.

  1. What is the machine mainly suitable for?

Fiber-containing raw materials, if the raw material is chicken dung, it cannot contain too much chicken feathers.


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