What’s the problem of traditional food drying machine?

Food drying machine is widely applied to food processing industries. However, there are many problems existing in the traditional food dryer machine.

food drying machine
food drying machine

The disadvantage of traditional food drying machine

Bad environment

When using the traditional food dryer machine, cereals are dried firstly by the sun. And then they can be placed in the drying room. Therefore, the weather has a great effect on it.

High labor costs

Traditional drying methods require constant drying, stowage, which costs excessive labor costs. The traditional drying chamber causes uneven drying temperature, and it needs to be adjusted manually for several times.

Poor sanitation

During the drying process, it is greatly affected by the surrounding mosquitoes and dust, and it is prone to mildew. Therefore, drying quality is difficult to achieve the standard.

High drying cost

Some enterprises have recognized the above three major problems, so they introduced some food dryer machine. However, in actual application, they found that large energy consumption and uneven drying often occur. In addition, the traditional drying machine cannot directly dry the raw material with much moisture.

Security risks

Traditional food dryer machine uses boilers as heat sources, and there are potential safety hazards such as explosions and fires. It poses a greater threat to human life and property safety.

Great harm to the environment

The government has high requirements for environmental protection, and traditional drying methods have greater pollution to the environment. Those that do not meet the national sustainable development policy will be banned and shut down.

All in all, when you decide to purchase a food dryer, it is not advisable to choose the traditional drying machine even though it bears a lower cost. I strongly recommend you to select a new design drying machine, or it not only can dry food uniformly but also is able to avoid polluting the environment.


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