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Fruit and vegetable dryer machine / drying food machine

Dryer machine is used to dry food, vegetable, medicine, and fruits etc., and it is a very important machine in our daily life. Until now, we have developed 4 types of dryer machine, and they all adopt to hot air circulation mode, widely applying to dry and dehydrate in medicine, chemical, food, agricultural and sideline products, aquatic products, light industry, and other food and vegetable processing machine.

dryer poster
dryer poster


Type one

It is an ordinary hot air circulation fruit dryer machine, and one temperature measuring hole is arranged in the box, matching with P100 sensor box. The heater is made of stainless steel with electric heating mode. The electric control cabinet is equipped with automatic temperature control table, electrical accessories, power switch, etc. What’s more, the working procedure is like this: power supply-setting-opening heating-opening fan-heating-temperature rising-off heating-off fan-off power.

grape and mango drying
grape and mango drying

Technical parameter of fruit dryer machine

Drying amount per time360kg
Dimensionswidth 3310 × depth 2200 × height 22000 (mm)
fan power0.55KW × 3
Air volume 10350m3/h
Upper and lower temperature±5°C
baking traybaking tray pieces
Supporting drying car6 sets
Heating power36KW
The temperature inside the boxnormal temperature ~120 °C
Heating modeElectric heating

Advantage of fruit dryer machine

  1. There are 3 high-efficiency filters in the air inlet, and 2 high-efficiency filters in the air outlet. When the dryer machine is heated to 60~80 °C, it will be automatically dehumidified, and the dehumidification temperature can be set automatically or manually.
  2. The air circulation of the oven adopts an aluminum alloy axial flow fan, and the wind direction is laminar flow, the air is supplied from one side to the other side.
  3. 3. The welding surface inside the drying food machine is smooth, and the interior is polished.
  4. The control panel of the inner is a rotary switch, and the electrical control cabinet is wall-mounted.
the door of dryer
the door of dryer

Type two

Technical parameter

Dryer body304/2B δ1.2mm1set
Dryer inner tank304/2B δ1.2mm1set
Air duct304/2B δ1.2mm1set
Drying car304 30×30×δ1.2 Stainless steel square tube (frame)6 pieces
Universal wheel nylonφ100
304/2B  δ1.5mm
Baking tray304  640×460×45144 pieces
Angle steelA3  4#  5#
Door hinge, door lock6 inch stainless steel


sealing stripSilicone type E
Axial FanHZF-3.0  0.55KW3sets
Heating pipe36KW
Intelligent temperature control instrumentN-60001 set
AC contactor3TB40/220V1 set
Relay3TH82-44/220V1 sets
Time RelayTS145/380V  999min1 set
Thermal overload3UA5P/380V  1.6-2.5A1 set
Phase failure protectionKT31/380V1 set
 circuit breaker4P   25A1 set

Type three

This type of food dry machine uses hot air circulation mod, and the door bears compact structure with door strip made of silicone sealing. There is one temperature measuring hole the machine, and the temperature inside the box is measured by a Pt100 sensor. The air inlet is provided with a high-efficiency filter, and it is manual dehumidification (the dehumidification starts when the food dry machine is heated to 60-80 ° C). The control panel of it is a push button switch, and the electrical control cabinet is wall-mounted, on the right side of the dryer machine. The electric control cabinet is equipped with automatic temperature control table, electrical accessories, and power switch etc.

inner part
inner part

Technical parameter

Outer Dimension1500*1200*2200mm
Inner dimension760×1000×1460mm
Fan power0.45KW×1
Upper and lower temperature± 5 °C
U-shaped heating tube12KW
the temperature inside the box120°C
fan air volume3450m3 / h
tray size640 × 460 × 45mm (304 stainless steel)
trolley size 700 ×920 ×1330mm


the total power of the equipment12.45KW
weight 600kg

Advantage of drying food machine

  1. Heating source: U-shaped electric heating tube is adopted.
  2. The thickness of the insulation layer of the drying food machine is 60mm, filling with high temperature resistant and fireproof raw material.
  3. The bottom plate of the dryer machineis δ1.5mm (304-2B full stainless steel plate).
  4. The convection wall air duct can be adjusted up and down to ensure the uniformity of temperature in the drying food machine.
machine in factory
machine in factory

Main configuration of drying food machine

1. Plate material: δ=1.0-1.5mm,304 stainless steel

2.U-shaped heating tube: 18KW 2KW × 9

3, angle steel: A3 4#

4, door hinge, door lock: 6 inch stainless steel

5, sealing strip: silica gel type E

6, high efficiency filter: 200 * 200 * 100 stainless steel

7, axial fan: 0.55KW × 1 = 0.45KW

8, electronic control switch: 5A

9, temperature control table: 300 ° C

10, electrical accessories: contactors, circuit breakers, power switches, etc.

fruit drying machine
fruit drying machine

Type four

The food dry machine adopts ordinary electric control, and the hot air circulation of the box uses a low-noise axial flow fan. The whole dryer machine has low noise and stable operation. The convection wall in the box is adjustable, and the temperature inside the box is made uniform by adjusting the size of the ventilation gap of the convection wall. The uniformity of the no-load temperature in the box is ±0.5 °C. There is one wet outlet on the top of the box, and one air inlet is added. The air inlet is equipped with a high-efficiency filter to purify the air inside the dryer machine.

vegetable drying machine
vegetable drying machine

Technical parameter

Dimensions2430 × 2200 × 2200mm
Inner size1700×1980×1440mm
Temperature range120 ° C
Maximum drying amount per time 240kg
Heating method electric heating
Electric heating power27KW
Circulating fan power0.55kw × 2 sets
Supporting drying car4 vehicles 700×950×1400(mm)
Matching baking tray96
Baking tray size460 × 640 × 45mm

Advantage of vegetable drying machine

  1. The hot air circulation oven is equipped with a low noise axial flow fan and an automatic temperature control system. The entire circulation system is completely enclosed, with high thermal efficiency and energy saving.
  2. Under the force of hot air circulation, the material can be dried evenly.
  3. The temperature is controlled automatic addition, it is convenient for installation and maintenance.
  4. Good insulation performance. The thickness of the insulation layer is 80 mm.
wide application
wide application

Precautions of dryer machine

  1. When the dryer machine is cooling
  2. It is strictly forbidden to enter flammable and explosive substances into the fruit dryer machine.
  3. All the fruit dryer machine must be cleaned regularly on the inside of the cabinet, including the ventilation system and heaters, and the dust accumulated on the surface should be cleaned to prevent carbonization and ignition.
  4. Regularly inspect and measure the instruments on the dryer machine, self-control actuators, and wiring to ensure their safety, reliability, and accuracy.
  5. Regularly clean or replace the filters at the air inlet and outlet.
  6. If the abnormality is found when using, immediately turn off the power and let it cool naturally to normal temperature before opening the door.
  7. After the work is finished, the total power of the dryer machine must be cut off.
  8. down, turn off the heating device.
  9. When the fan works normally, you shall open the moisture discharge device. And turn off the fan and the moisture discharge device when the temperature is lowered to 20~30 degrees in the box. At this time, cut off the power to take the raw material.

How to install food dryer machine?

1. The ground of food freeze drying machines must be level, and the outer wall should be grounded firmly.

2. The opening degree of the air deflector on both sides should make the temperature inside the box even.

3. After the food freeze drying machines is installed, close the electrical switch and check if the circuit is connected (the controller indicator is on).

4. Press the “Power On” and “Fan Start” buttons on the controller, in turn, to start the fan and check if the fan steering is in the same direction as the arrow, and there should be no abnormal sound.

drying grape
drying grape

What’s the working steps of dryer machine?

1. Close the door and open the handle of the drain valve to the “circulation” position.

2. Turn on the power switch of the dryer controller.

3. Set the drying control temperature and the upper and lower limit alarm temperatures.

4. Press “fan” to start the switch; set the draining time (time relay).

5. Set the temperature of the meter to heating up. 6. When the drying is finished, press the “Stop” button of the fan and press the “Off” button of the power supply.

Malfunction and related solutions


1. The temperature rises are not high 1. The fan reverses or stops

2. Drainage port is improperly adjusted or has malfunctions

3. The steam is not smooth or the pressure is low4. Steam filter or steam trap is blocked

4. The steam filter is blocked.

5. The door is not closed or the door seal is invalid.

6. The air filter has too much dust.

1. Correct, repair or replace

2. Temporarily eliminate moisture.

3. Eliminate blockages and ensure pressure.

4. Repair or replacement.

5. The door is locked and the sealing strip is replaced.

6. Cleaning or replacement.

2. Uneven temperature1. improper adjustment of the air deflector

2. The door is not closed or the door seal is invalid.

3. The material volume is too large, and the large area blocks the hot air.

1. Check the fan and air filter.

2. The door is locked and the sealing strip is replaced.

3. Try to guide the wind


3. The drying speed is too slow.1. The temperature inside the box is too low.

2. Dampness is not properly selected.

3. Material placement is too thick.

4. The air volume is too small.

1. Refer to the above malfunction one.

2. Adjust the opening degree of humidity valve.

3. Reduce the thickness and choose the best thickness.

4. Check the fan and air filter.

4. The fan has much noise.1. Fan or motor bolt is loose

2. The fan blade hits the shell and the bearing wears

1. Fasten

2. Repair, replacement


What should be noted when using?

1. It should be noted that whether the steering of each fan is correct when firstly using.

2. The opening angle of the dehumidification valve should be determined according to the water content of the material.

3. If the door seal strip is aging and invalid, and it should be replaced in time.

4. The surface of the fruit and vegetable drying machines should avoid damage caused by the collision of hard objects and heavy objects.

5. Dry, flammable and explosive materials are strictly prohibited.

6. The maximum working pressure of the steam radiator is 0.8Mpa, and overpressure is prohibited.

7. If the temperature requirement of the dryer machine is 120~140°C, and the steam pressure should be in the range of 0.4~0.8 Mpa. If the temperature requirement in the box reaches 80~120 °C ; the steam pressure should be 0.2~0.4Mpa.

8. The inlet valve should be opened slowly, and the steam filter should be cleaned regularly.

drying grape and mango
drying grape and mango



1.What is the common raw material?

Fruits, vegetables, Chinese herbal medicines, fish and shrimp etc.

2. What is the material of the machine?

304 stainless steel, carbon steel

3. What is the minimum output of fruits dryer machine?


4. What is the drying temperature?

Generally it is about 45 degrees. There is a control station, which can adjust the drying temperature according to the water content of the raw materials.

4. What is the way of drying?

Electric heating drying

5. How long is the general drying time?

Under normal circumstances, drying time is 8 hours, of course, you can adjust the time according to your needs.

6. What is the thickness of the fruit slice?

Generally 3-5 mm


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