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    The premium food processing equipment as the combination of practical use and aesthetic request are designed by our talented designer, besides, in accordance with different market demand and production requirement, food processing equipment Taizy designed can be customized by size, shape, color, means of power supply, et cetera.

    For quality control, given that Taizy has devoted itself to manufacturing of the food processing for more than ten years, the optimized turnkey solutions to food production line, Taizy has summarized and improved through series of constant researches and pilot testing of the newly invented equipment: motivating parts, conveying parts, and auxiliary devices are scrutinized by our special technical personnel in order to ensure the safe work and efficient operation of new machines in the practical work in the future.

    Remarkably, including the special-shaped parts, all parts constructing the entire food processing machine is manufactured through the way of high-end laser cutting craftsmanship, thus the problems of rough cutting edges of the traditional manufacturing method was solved permanently.


    Until now, Taizy has ran factories specializing in various purposes range from parts moulding and shaping, machine assembly to finished machine testing. Taizy warmly welcome customers to pay a business visit to our factory to test the single or the series of machine on-site under the instruction the technical personnel.


    Due to the strict requirement on hygienic processing of production line, the finished machines are stored in our well ventilated warehouse in case of being damaged by rain corrosion or affected by impurities.

    Timely delivery and shipping can be guaranteed through the reliable collaboration with the logistic company overseas. Meanwhile, in case of damage caused during the shipping, finished machine are wrapped tightly ensuring the intact of the components including main parts, accessory parts and gadgets during shipping.


    The assembling of the finished machine is conducted under the instruction of the assembling video step by step, also, technic engineers or personnel can carry on on-site assembly and production line distribution. Although finished products Taizy offering is characterized by their low maintenance and easy operation and cleaning, Taizy also provide customers with owner’s manual and professional after-sale services, including periodic over-hauling and repair.


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