20 Chin Chin Cutters Exported to Nigeria

Chin chin cutter machines for nigeria
chin chin cutter machines for Nigeria
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A Nigerian machinery distributor ordered 20 chin chin cutters from the Taizy factory. The output of each chin chin cutter machine is between 150kg/h and 300kg/h. Last weekend, we have arranged a shipment for this Nigerian customer.

New chin chin cutters for sale
new chin chin cutters for sale

Information about the Nigeria customer for chin chin cutters

The Nigerian customer has a medium-sized retail store in the local area, which mainly sells various small machinery, such as agricultural machinery and food processing machinery. Usually, the customer will regularly purchase various machinery products in bulk from China or India to Nigeria, and then retail the machines to local users.

The customer’s order quantity is not very large each time, because the basis for the customer to order products is to collect certain customer reservations in Nigeria before deciding to import equipment. Due to ordering products from China all year round, the Nigerian customer has a client in China who has been cooperating with him for many years. His client will help him screen Chinese machinery manufacturers, and finally, determine suitable cooperative manufacturers according to his budget.

Why choose to buy chin chin cutter machine?

The Nigerian customer said that chin chin snacks are a very popular local snack. Previously, this snack was eaten only during important festivals. Nowadays, with the improvement of living standards and the development of dietary diversification, this kind of chin chin snacks are becoming more and more popular, and many stores gradually supply this food.

In order to improve the processing efficiency of chin chin snacks, many shops and food factories urgently need machines for processing chin chin. And the automatic chin chin dough flatting machine and chin chin cutter machine can save a lot of labor and improve production efficiency.

Therefore, the Nigerian customer decided to import a certain amount of chin chin processing machinery to meet the needs of the local market.

Taizy chin chin processing machines
Taizy chin chin processing machines

Nigerian order details about chin chin cutters

This Nigerian customer bought 3 vegetable cutting machines from our Taizy factory in 2021. After using our equipment, the customer said that he is very satisfied with the performance and working effect of the machine. Therefore, the customer chose to cooperate with our factory again. The Nigerian customer ordered a total of 20 machines this time, including 10 dough flatting machines and 10 chin chin cutters.

Because the Nigerian customer needs to sell these equipment again, our factory customized the nameplate for the machine according to the customer’s needs. The information on the nameplate of the machine includes the customer’s factory name, website, telephone number, etc.

Parameters of chin chin machines order

Cutting machine(new type)  Model: TZ-150 
Voltage: 220v,50hz, single phase
Power: 2.6kw
Capacity: 150~300kg/h
Flatter machine   Model: TZ-500
Voltage: 220v,50hz, single phase
Capacity: 200kg/h
chin chin machine parameters list
Machine packaging before shipping
machine packaging before shipping

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