400kg/h Garlic Peeler Exported to the US

Garlic peeler for the us
garlic peeler for the US
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Taizy’s 400kg/h Garlic Peeler successfully addressed the specific needs of a small garlic farm in the United States. This case exemplifies the commitment of Taizy to provide good solutions that enhance efficiency and productivity in food processing. As the client’s garlic plantation thrives, the garlic peeler stands as a testament to the transformative power of advanced machinery in modern farming practices.

Small gralic peeling machine of taizy
small gralic peeling machine of Taizy

Why choose to buy a garlic peeler?

In a bid to enhance efficiency and reduce labor costs, a garlic farmer from the United States approached Taizy Factory for a solution. With a small-scale garlic plantation, the client sought an automated garlic processing machine to streamline the processing of freshly harvested garlic bulbs.

Ordering process of garlic peeling machine for the US

Upon understanding the client’s requirements, Taizy Factory recommended the 400kg/h Garlic Peeler, a robust machine designed to efficiently peel garlic cloves at a rate of 400 kilograms per hour. The client, impressed by the machine’s capabilities and Taizy’s reputation for quality, promptly placed an order.

Garlic peeler with customized plug
garlic peeler with customized plug

Shipping and arrival

The garlic skin removing machine was diligently packaged and shipped to the client’s location in the United States. Taizy ensured secure transportation, and the machine arrived on schedule, ready to revolutionize the client’s garlic processing operations.

Upon receiving the garlic peeling machine, the client found the setup process to be straightforward. Taizy Factory provided comprehensive instructions, and the client had the machine up and running in no time. A crucial aspect was the testing phase, where the garlic peeler showcased its impressive speed and precision.

Garlic peeler machine delivery
garlic peeler machine delivery

Client feedback about the garlic peeling effect

Delighted with the performance of the garlic peeling machine, the client shared positive feedback. The machine not only met but exceeded expectations. The consistent quality of peeled garlic cloves not only saved time but also contributed to a more uniform product for packaging.

TZ-400 garlic peel remover machine parameters

Model: TZ-400

Power: 1.2kw

Voltage: 380v 50hz,3 phase

Size: 1620*550*1400mm

Capacity: 400kg/h

Weight: 250kg

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