400kg/h onion peeling machine shipped to Singapore

Onion peeling machine for shipping to singapore
onion peeling machine for shipping to Singapore
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The peeling efficiency of the onion peeling machine is very high, which is very suitable for home and factory use. The automatic onion peeling machine of Taizy factory is welcomed by the market because of its simple operation and no damage to onions during the peeling process. Just yesterday, our factory once again exported an onion peeling machine with a processing capacity of 400kg per hour to Singapore.

Why choose the onion peeling machine for Singapore?

The Singaporean customer has a local food factory, which mainly processes various fried foods, such as fried chicken nuggets, donuts, fried onion rings, etc. The customer said that his factory originally hired workers to manually peel and cut onions. With the expansion of the factory scale and the increase in the number of orders, the efficiency of manual onion processing can no longer meet the needs of factory production.

New type onion peeler for sale
new type onion peeler for sale

In addition, the rising cost of labor made the customer finally decide to purchase automatic onion processing equipment to replace labor. The customer in Singapore saw the working video of the onion peeler machine released by our factory on YouTube. He was very satisfied with the peeling effect of the machine in the video, so he quickly contacted our factory.

The processing efficiency of this new chain-type onion peeling machine in our factory is 3 times that of other small onion peeler equipment. According to the customer’s production needs, we recommended an onion peel removing machine with a capacity of 400kg/h.

Onion peeling machine packaging before shipping
onion peeling machine packaging before shipping

Why is Taizy’s onion peeler machine selling so well?

The reason why the onion peeling equipment of Taizy factory can sell well is not only because of the high demand for this equipment but also because of the advantages of our onion peeler with favorable price, good quality, simple operation, and high work efficiency.

This machine adopts the pneumatic principle, and the airflow from the high-pressure air pump quickly removes the onion skin. In the process of peeling the onion, there is no need to go through the friction of the blade and the hardness. Therefore, the surface of the peeled onion is smooth without any damage. Plus, this onion peeler has no limitations on the size and variety of onions.

Parameters of Singapore onion peeling machine

Chain-type onion peeling machine
Electric onion peeling machine 
Model: SL-400
voltage:220v,50hz, single phase
With one cloth to collect onion peel
Need customer to match one 22kw air compressor 

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