Axial air dryer line

Axial air dryer line (3)
Axial air dryer line (3)
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Introduction to axial air dryer line:

Vegetable air dryer is the equipment specialized in vegetables and fruits processing for blowing off the surface moisture, it is a room-temperature wind dryer, the whole equipment is composed of 20 axial fans (versions with different output are equipped with different numbers of fans), with the premise of not changing the color and luster of vegetables and fruits will be satisfied, the surface moisture is removed by air drying.

The axial air drying equipment at ex-works price is the ideal equipment for tea cafe, fruit, and vegetable processing plant, beverage shop, coffee shop frozen food factory. Taizy Trading co., Ltd. mainly produces and processes equipment such as axial air dryer, air dryer assembly line, vegetable cleaning assembly line, vegetable cleaning processing assembly line, root vegetable cleaning line.

The processing method can be customized according to the production requirement and customer needs.

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Features of axial air dryer:

1. Normal temperature air dryer for packed fruit and vegetable, with its 304 stainless steel construction, has a long service life.

2. The large air volume axial flow fan with effectively increased air volume pressure can have the moisture on the material surface blew away or evaporated in a short time, which is convenient for storage or deep processing.

3. The axial air dryer is also called as air cooling machine and cooling air drying machine, which is mainly used for vegetable processing of high requirements for surface moisture, such as strawberries, cucumber, vegetables, oranges, potatoes, leek, and so on. The air drying machine is equipped with axial flow fans with low power, low noise, and large air volume. The air flow is produced in accordance with the direction of fan turning, the outer shape is cylindrical, which can be used for partial drying, with stable drying speed, air drying of room temperature can effectively protect the color and quality of fruits and vegetables from color fading.

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Advantages of axial air dryer:

1. The machine is the safe, efficient and energy-saving slow blowing dryer, with the obvious effect of dewatering, it is suitable for assembly line and improving the degree of production automation.

2. Compared with the traditional drying method, axial air dryer is ease of operation (Start by connecting to the power supply) with water removal rate up to 99%, pollution free.

3. The machine can realize continuous operation, the axial air dryer can be used together with blanching machine and cleaning machine). Only the materials after blanching or cleaning machine can be placed on the belt of the conveying network.

4. The whole machine is made of high quality 304 stainless steel is safe and hygienic, durable in use, and in line with the safety standards on national food export.

5. The equipment adopts the method of frequency conversion speed regulation control, can achieve the effect of smooth operation, low noise, high strength. And stainless steel mesh belt of small elasticity is not easy to be deformed and is of easy maintenance.

6. The equipment adopting advanced technology, has stable performance, high blow-drying efficiency, saves energy and reduces production cost.

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diameter: 6000*1400*1400 mm
mesh conveyer width: 1000 mm
power supply: 380V/50z
power: 0.75KW

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