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vegetable slicer / cucumber potato slicing machine

Banana, carrot and cucumber slicer machine
Banana, carrot and cucumber slicer machine

Vegetable slicer produced by Taizy machinery adopts rotating cutter, can cut banana, yam, lotus root, cassava, sweet potato, carrot, cucumber, balsam pear, potatoes, eggplant, onion, potato, tomato, apple, lemon, kiwi fruit, such as vegetables and fruit processed into chips. Processed products are of good quality, uniform thickness and sizes, and net cutting surface, without destroying the fibrous tissue of raw materials. At the same time, the banana slicer has high efficiency, convenient operation, low energy consumption, sanitation, safety, and high efficiency, and is the ideal equipment for agricultural products processing.

 cucumber slicer machine
cucumber slicer machine

Cucumber slicer is mainly composed of frame, rotating knife plate, transmission part, motor and outlet, which is suitable for slicing volume and long cylindrical material (such as banana, lotus root, cassava, sweet potato, and radish). The contacting parts of the banana slicer and agricultural products are made of quality stainless steel to ensure long-term work without rust, corrosion, and it is non-toxic, harmless, in line with the international health requirements on food processing machinery.

Use and operation of vegetable slicer

Run test cutting before the operation, observe whether the cut vegetables are in accordance with the requirements, or adjust the height of between the blade and the rotary cutter table to if they are working normally. The thickness of the slices is determined by the clearance between the blade and the rotary table. The cucumber slicer is used for cutting root vegetables and fruits into standard round slices, straight slices, and oblique slices.

The working principle of potato slicer

When the vegetable slicer is working, the cutter set (cutter plate) rotates synchronously at a high speed to push the material into the feeding mouth. In the falling process, the rotating cutter set then will be cut into pieces, and the whole slicing process is completed through the feeding mouth. The cut material shall be in a uniform shape.

potato slicer machine
potato slicer machine
Banana slicing
banana slicing

Vegetable slicer features

1. The number and size of feeding ports can be customized according to customer requirements.
2. Smooth slicing effect without damaging the fiber.
3. The slices are standard uniform round slices.
4. High efficiency, wide application range, and low failure rate.

Parameter of banana slicer

banana slicer1.5kw380v or 220v950*800*950600-700KG/H
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