Green leafy vegetable cutting cutter machine

Green leafy vegetable cutting machine
green leafy vegetable cutting machine
The leafy vegetable cutting machine is a multifunctional machine. It can cut the vegetable into shreds, slices, blocks, and other shapes.
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The green leafy vegetable cutting machine is a multifunctional machine. It mainly imitates the principle of manual vegetable cutting to cut various vegetables into shreds, slices, blocks, and other shapes. The commercial vegetable cutter has two models, with and without a centrifuge vegetable cutter. The vegetable cutter without a centrifugal head is more suitable for cutting various leafy vegetables and cutting root vegetables into slices and shreds. The machine with a centrifugal head is mainly suitable for cutting root vegetables. Therefore, the leafy vegetable cutting machine widely applies for cutting roots and leafy vegetables.

Restaurant leafy vegetable cutting machine application

It can process various vegetables, such as carrots, white radishes, potatoes, sweet potatoes, chili, and various roots, stems, leafy vegetables. widely used in the School canteen, restaurant, army, hotel and so on. The vegetable cutting machine can cut raw materials into pieces, blocks, filaments, dices, diamonds shape, and curved shapes.

Commercial leafy vegetable cutter machine application
Commercial Leafy Vegetable Cutter Machine Application

Green leafy vegetable cutting machine working principle

The leafy vegetable cutter mainly imitates the principle of manual vegetable cutting. The conveyor belt conveys leafy vegetables to the vertical blade, and the blade moves up and down to cut the vegetables. The conveyor speed of the machine and the cutting speed of the knife can be adjusted.

Root and leafy vegetable cutting machine
Root And Leafy Vegetable Cutting Machine

Types of the root and leafy vegetable cutter machine

The commercial vegetable cutter divide into a vegetable cutter with centrifugal cutting and without centrifugal cutting according to the different raw materials of the cut vegetables.

Commercial leafy vegetable cutting machine
Commercial Leafy Vegetable Cutting Machine

The centrifugal vegetable cutter adds a centrifugal slicing structure to the end of the vegetable cutter. The centrifugal vegetable cutting structure is suitable for cutting various root vegetables such as cucumbers, potatoes, and sweet potatoes. After slicing by the structure, it is conveyed by the conveyor belt to the vertical knife for cutting and shredding. The size of the slice determines by the cutting blade size. Therefore, it can replace blades of different sizes to realize cutting of different sizes.

Root and leafy vegetable cutter
Root And Leafy Vegetable Cutter

The vegetable cutter without centrifugal cutting does not incorporate a centrifugal slicing structure. It only has a vertical knife to handle vegetables. This type of vegetable cutter is more suitable for cutting leafy vegetables.

Multi-functional leafy vegetable cutter machine operation video

Main structure of the leafy Vegetable cutting machine

The leafy vegetable cutting machine mainly consists of a frame, a conveyor belt, a pressing vegetable belt, a slicing mechanism, a speed regulating box. The centrifugal vegetable cutting machine applies for slicing fruits and vegetables, the thickness of the raw material is up to a different blade. Just put the raw material into the inlet, the finished product is mainly up to the blade. The leafy vegetable cutter machine will be customized according to your requirements. Shredding width adjustment range is 2mm-3cm. Dicing size is customized according to your requirement. Slicing thickness range is 1mm-2cm.

Installation and debugging of the vegetable cutting machine

  1. Place the Vegetable cutting machine on a level area to ensure that the machine is placed smoothly and reliably.
  2. Check all parts before using, whether the fasteners are loose during transportation, whether the switch and power cord are damaged due to transportation, and take corresponding measures in time.
  3. Check if there is any foreign matter in the rotating barrel or on the conveyor belt. If happen foreign matter, it must be cleaned to avoid damage to the tool.
  4. Make sure that the power and voltage match the rated voltage of the unit. You need to find a professional electrician to connect the power cord of the machine to the power supply, then turn on the power and press the switch button to check the steering. If the steering of the belt wheel needs to be consistent with the indication. Otherwise, turn off the power and adjust the wiring.
Green vegetable cutting slicing machine details
Green Vegetable Cutting Slicing Machine Details

Characteristics of the leafy vegetable cutter machine

The leafy vegetable cutter machine is a vegetable processing machinery that is very popular in the food industry with a wide range of applications. The practicality of the vegetable cutter determines its position in the food industry. It can equip with a vegetable washing machine. Clean the vegetables to avoid foreign matter that damage the tools and other parts of the vegetable cutter. The green leafy vegetable cutter machine is continuously improved based on customer feedback. It has the advantages of compact structure, beautiful appearance, safe and hygienic performance, good performance, low noise, many functions, and high efficiency.

Restaurant automatic leafy vegetable cutter in stock
Restaurant Automatic Leafy Vegetable Cutter In Stock

Green leafy vegetable cutting machine parameters

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