Brush carrot washing cleaning machine for sale

Commercial brush carrot washing machine
commercial brush carrot washing machine
The uniquely designed carrot washing machine can be used for washing and peeling carrots.
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The uniquely designed carrot washing machine can be used for washing and peeling carrots. The carrot cleaning machine has two types of brushes, soft and hard. By changing different types of brushes, it can achieve different functions. The soft brush can clean carrots and remove skin impurities. While the hard brush washing machine is suitable for peeling root vegetables. The brush cleaning machine has the characteristics of large output, good cleaning effect, easy operation, and easy maintenance.

Commercial carrot washing machine introduction

The commercial carrot washer machine frame adopts 304 stainless steel, and the frame contains 9 hair rollers. The roller diameter determines the output of the cleaning machine. The larger the diameter of the wool roller, the greater its output. Generally, it can handle 500kg, 700kg, 1000kg, and 1800kg per hour. In addition, we can also customize machines with larger output according to the output of customers. Moreover, it can also realize the function of washing or peeling carrots by replacing soft and hard brushes.

Brush carrot cleaning machine
Brush Carrot Cleaning Machine

Automatic carrot cleaning machine composition

The carrot brush washing machine is mainly composed of a high-pressure spray device, a brush cleaning device, a frame part, and a motor part.

  1. High-pressure spray device

The device is generally suspended from the top of the brush and connects to a water pipe for water flow. Its function is to provide high-pressure water when the brush rubs the carrot to make the cleaning more thorough.

  1. Brush cleaning device

The brush cleaning device is the most important part of the brush carrot cleaning machine. It mainly cleans the impurities on the surface of the carrot through friction. It is generated by the mutual movement of the brush and the carrot. Since the brush can fully touch and can touch the concave and uneven positions of the carrot, the machine can clean the carrot more thoroughly.

Commercial carrot cleaning machine brush
Commercial Carrot Cleaning Machine Brush
  1. Frame part

Because the carrot washing machine is exposed to water for a long time, it is prone to corrosion. Therefore, the frame part of the washing machine is mainly made of food-grade 304 stainless steel. It can be exposed to water for a long time without rusting. It guarantees the washing machine service life.

  1. Motor part

The motor mainly provides power for the rotation of the brush and the entire operation process of the high-pressure spray. The motor part places on the left side of the machine and hidden under the frame. In order to ensure the smooth operation of the machine, please ensure that add lubricating oil to the bearings regularly.

Industrial carrot washing machine video

Carrot cleaning machine price influence factors

The carrot cleaning machine cost is mainly affected by the machine capacity, machine material machine, brushes, and sprinklers numbers.


The carrot cleaning machine has multiple models, and the output of each model is different. The factor that affects the machine’s cleaning materials capacity is the brush length. The more capacity, the more materials it uses. Then the machine price will be different. Therefore, the brush carrot cleaning machine capacity is the most important factor affecting the machine price.

Machine materials

Many manufacturers often replace some stainless steel materials in order to ensure competitive prices. This is also a phenomenon where the prices of the same production machines appear to vary greatly in the market. As a professional carrot washing machine manufacturer, we ensure that any washing machine we produce adopts all 304 stainless steel.

Stainless steel carrot washing machine
Stainless Steel Carrot Washing Machine

brushes and sprinklers numbers

In order to ensure the long-term operation of the machine, many customers often buy more wearing parts such as brushes and nozzles. Then brushes and sprinklers’ numbers will also affect the final price.

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