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Cassava crusher machine / cassava grinding machine

Cassava crusher machine is used to crush cassava into small pieces in order to make powder in the following steps, widely applying to the garri production line. During the whole processing line, two crusher machines are needed, first crushing is just to get granules with small size, but the second crushing is to get very fine powder. Two machines are different in structure in inner structure, raw material and capacity.

Type one: Stainless steel crusher machine

All parts of the machine are made of stainless steel with long service life, and there are two rollers with a different structure. The bigger roller has regular line, and the smaller roller has something that protrudes like a nail. Such a special design can fully crush the cassava.

inner roller
inner roller

Technical parameter of cassava crusher machine


Advantage of cassava crushing machine

  1. The cassava can be completely pulverized by the rotor.
  2. The distance between sifter and sinker is adjustable.
  3. Wide application. This crushing machine also can be used for corn, sorghum, wheat and beans.
  4. After pressing, the screen will be bounded up, which make it easier to replace a new one.

How to operate crusher machine?

1.Cassava crusher machine should idle for several minutes before working. 2.Place the peeled cassava into machine. 3.When the cassava fall into the gap between two rollers, it is crushed under the constant rotation of them. 4.Crushed cassava finally are discharged from the bottom of machine, and it is necessary to put a bowl or bag under machine. What’s more, the crushed cassava needs to ferment in the air for 24 hours.

Type two: Carbon-steel grinding machine

This cassava grinding machine has 24 hammers that can completely beat and grind cassava granules, matching with 15HP diesel engine. Finally, you will get very fine powder.

Power15 HP diesel engine
Hammer24 pcs
Weight150 kg

Advantage of carbon-steel grinding machine

  1. The cyclone-type outlet effectively avoids the crushed powder flying around the air.
  2. The power also can be motor or gasoline engine, and you can choose one in accordance with your need.
  3. Due to the different size of raw material, it is easy for user to change screen.

Successful case

Those two machines are multifunctional crushers, so they are favored by people from different countries. Victor from Nigeria bought 10 sets type two crusher machine. He was a dealer and wanted to sell them on the local market, for people there plant cassava, they really need such a machine.

delivery site
delivery site


1.What’s the difference between two machine?

Inner structure is different. The first machine is equipped with two different rollers, but the second machine has 24 hammers that enables you to get fine cassava powder.

2.It is easy to change the screen of grinding machine?

Yes, it is easy to change, and we will provide you detailed operation video.

3.What is the capacity of two crushing machines?

Type one:1T/H Type two:600kg/h


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