Cassava washing peeling machine | tuber cassava peeler

Cassava washing and peeling machine
cassava washing and peeling machine
Cassava peeling machine is to wash the cassava firstly and then peel the skin of cassava by the constant rotation of rollers that are made of steel.
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The cassava peeling machine is to wash the cassava first and then peels the skin of cassava by the constant rotation of rollers that are made of steel. It is mainly composed of a motor, screw conveyor, and steel roller with hole, widely applied to garri production line. In addition, the raw material can be potato and sweet potato as well.

Stainless steel cassava peeler
Stainless Steel Cassava Peeler

Technical parameter of cassava washing peeler machine


Advantages of cassava peeling machine

  1. The cassava peeling machine is able to remove the impurities such as stains and dirt on the surface of cassava.
  2. It can remove the inner layer that contains some toxic substance, but won’t damage the cassava itself.
  3. Seven rollers constantly rotate at high speed, effectively peeling the skin of cassava, and the peeling rate is around 70-80%.
  4. The special design of the screw conveyor can quickly transport the cassava to the outlet.
  5. Cassava peeler machine is made of stainless steel which enables it to bear long service life.
  6. A cassava peeling machine can wash cassava from all angles, so the final cassava is very clean without any skin and impurities.
  7. Wide application. It not only can peel cassava but also peel the potato and sweet potato.
  8. High capacity. Its capacity ranges from 500kg/h-1t/h, and you can choose it according to your need.
Inner rollers
Inner Rollers

How to peel cassava with the automnatic cassava peeler machine?

  1. Place the cassava into the inlet, and connect the cassava washing peeling machinery with the water pipe.
  2. The cassava firstly is washed.
  3. The steel rollers rotate constantly under the force of the motor.
  1. There are small holes on the roller that is good for peeling. During the operation, there is constant friction between cassava and roller, and cassava and cassava, so the skins are removed gradually.
  2. Peeled cassavas are driven by a screw conveyor to move forward and finally fall down from the discharging hole.
  3. Finally, the skin of cassava and other impurities come out from other outlets.
Cassava peeling machine screw
Cassava Peeling Machine Screw

Cassava peeling machine exported to Nigeria case

We sold one set of cassava peeling machines to Nigeria at the beginning of Sept. He bought a whole garri production line before, but now his peeling machine is broken, and he needed a new one to replace it. He said he wanted a high-capacity machine, so we send a quotation of about 2t/h to him. He felt very satisfied, and placed an order at once, saying that he is willing to make long-time cooperation with us!

Cassava peeling machine deliver to nigeria
Cassava Peeling Machine Deliver To Nigeria

FAQ of cassava peeler machine

Is this machine just suitable for cassava?

No, the raw material also can be potato and sweet potato.

What is the peeling rate?

The peeling rate is around 70%-80%.

How many rollers inside cassava peeler machine?

There are 7 rollers that can fully remove the skin of cassava.

Can cassava peeling machine completely remove the toxic substance inside cassava?

There is a little bit hydrocyanic acid inside cassava, and it can fully remove it by frying machine.