Commercial chicken plucker machine for removal poultry hair

Commercial chicken plucker machine
commercial chicken plucker machine
Commercial chicken plucker machine can be used to remove chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits and other poultry hair.
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The commercial chicken plucker machine focuses on the depilation of poultry. The machine can be used for the depilation of poultry such as chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, etc. This chicken de-feathering machine has a simple structure, convenient operation, and large processing capacity. In addition, the body of the bird will not be damaged during the depilation process, and the depilation effect is good. Poultry hair removal equipment has a variety of models to choose from, and it widely applies in restaurants, poultry processing plants, and meat processing plants.

Application scope of chicken plucker machine

The chicken plucker machine has a wide range of applications. It is widely used to take off things with feathers, furry, claws, and surface dirt. For example, chicken, cat, dog, rabbit, sheep’s hair. In addition, this commercial poultry hair removal machine can also remove the ginger, potatoes, and mackerel skins.

Chicken plucking machine application
Chicken Plucking Machine Application

How to use a chicken plucker machine to remove chicken feathers?

The poultry hair removal machine has a simple operation. When using this equipment to remove chicken feathers, first place the machine on flat ground. Put the slaughtered chickens into the equipment. The electric chicken hair removal machine will automatically complete the bloodletting, scalding, and hair removal work. The depilated chicken discharges from the outlet. Chickens removed by this machine will not cause damage, and it is the best choice for many slaughter users.

Poultry hair removal machine
Poultry Hair Removal Machine

Advantages of electric chicken de-feathering machine

  • The whole machine adopts a 304 stainless steel structure, adopts a high-quality copper motor, and a high-quality rubber rod.
  • High depilation efficiency and good depilation effect.
  • Widely used in poultry depilation of chicken, duck, goose, rabbit hair, wool, etc.
  • This machine can de-hair 180-200 chickens per hour.
  • It solves the disadvantages of low manual hair removal efficiency and poor hair removal effect.
  • After dehairing, the chicken can be quickly cut with an automatic chicken nugget cutting machine, saving time and effort.
Electric chicken de-feathering machine
Electric Chicken De-Feathering Machine

Commercial electric chicken plucker machine detail display

Natural rubber rods

Using natural rubber rods, hair removal is cleaner.

Waterproof switch

Waterproof switch, safer and more convenient to use

Stainless steel material

Stainless steel body, corrosion-resistant and durable

Large hair outlet

Large hair outlet, high efficiency of hair extraction, easy to clean


TZ-800  7kwAbout 10PCS

Chicken plucking machine running video

Instructions for use of chicken plucker machine

  1. Before using the machine, check whether the screws in each part are loose. Loose parts need to be re-reinforced.
  2. Place the chicken plucking machine on a stable surface of the water. Before using the machine to remove hair, turn on the machine to idle for 5 minutes.
  3. When slaughtering poultry, the blade should be as small as possible. Soak the slaughtered poultry in warm water at about 30°C. Add a little bit of edible salt to the water to avoid skin damage during chicken depilation.
  4. Scald the soaked chicken (duck) in hot water at about 75°C. Stir it with a wooden stick to make the whole body evenly burnt.
  5. Then put the soaked poultry into the poultry hair removal machine for depilation.
  6. Turn on the switch of the machine, and pass the water pipe into the machine. The machine runs to remove hair, and the feathers that have been removed are discharged from the water outlet along with the water flow.
Chicken hair removing machine apply scene
Chicken Hair Removing Machine Apply Scene

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