How much does a commercial jam jacketed cooking kettle cost?

Commercial jam cooking kettle
commercial jam cooking kettle
Commercial jam jacketed cooking kettle is the very efficient jam processing equipment for making all kinds of fruit jams.
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Jam jacketed cooking pot is the very efficient jam processing equipment that can be used to process all kinds of jams, such as strawberry jam, blueberry jam, mango jam, mulberry jam, etc. The commercial jam cooking kettle can meet the needs of mass production jams and is mainly used in various food processing plants and restaurants. The price of the jam jacketed cooking kettle varies according to its different models, volumes, and features.

Jacketed cooking kettles with different diameters
jacketed cooking kettles with different diameters

Why choose a commercial jam cooking kettle?

The processing of jam usually requires a suitable container and a suitable heating temperature. If only an everyday cooking pot is used to process jam, it is not very efficient. The purchase of a commercial jam-cooking pot allows for the mass production of various types of jams, significantly reducing working time and improving processing efficiency, as well as saving labor.

Fruit jam
fruit jam

In addition, the double-layer structure of the jam sandwich pan ensures even heating of the jam-making process. Moreover, the heating method for jam-cooking pot can be chosen from electric heating, gas heating, steam heating, and so on. The temperature of each heating method can be adjusted according to the requirements.

What is the jam jacketed cooking kettle price?

The price of a jam pot is determined by a number of factors, the most important of which are the model of the cooking pot, the volume, the heating method, the availability of auxiliary functions, etc.

Usually, the larger the model of the jam-cooking kettle, the larger its volume, such as 100L, 200L, 300L, 400L, 500L, 600L, etc. The larger the model of the machine, the higher the processing cost and therefore the higher the price. In addition, different heating methods also affect the price of jam jacketed cooking pots. This is because the configuration of different heating methods is different.

Therefore, when buying a jam cooking kettle, buyers should let the seller recommend the right machine model and offer for them based on their processing output needs.

Jacketed cooking pan with different sizes
jam jacketed cooking pot for sale

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