Commercial kuih kapit baking machine operating in Indonesia

Commercial kuih kapit baking machine in indonesia
commercial kuih kapit baking machine in Indonesia
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The commercial kuih kapit baking machine is used to commercially produce kapits in various shapes such as round, fan-shaped, and stacked blocks. It has 8 molds, 10 molds, 12 molds, and other machine models. Therefore, it has the characteristics of large production output. Moreover, The Kue semprong making machine can use electricity, gas, and other heating methods. The shape and thickness of the sapit can be controlled according to production requirements. Therefore, the commercial kuih kapit making machine can meet the demand for mass production of biscuit rolls by dessert producers. Recently, the egg roll machine produced by Taizy has been installed and used in Indonesia.

Commercial kuih kapit baking machine features

high productivity

A commercial kue Belanda machine has 8 molds, 10 molds, 12 molds, and many other models of output. It can process at least 10kg batter in one hour and produce an egg roll in 4 to 5 seconds. The machine only needs one person to operate, and the operation is very simple.

Diversified products

This machine is suitable for baking dough made from various raw materials. The crepes produced by this machine can be formed with different tool rolls.

Kue semprong making machine application
Kue Semprong Making Machine Application

The thickness of the egg roll is uniform and controllable

The automatic kuih kapit maker machine can control the amount of grouting, which directly determines the dough thickness. The kuih kapit baking machine can achieve the same length, uniform thickness, and uniform color.

Customized heating plates

Through continuous technological innovation and research and development, Taizy can realize customized panel patterns. We can customize checkered, round, and other shapes of pattern panels according to customer needs.

How to use the Kue semprong making machine to produce sepit?

  1. Before using Kue semprong making machine to produce, prepare the batter for making egg rolls first.
  2. Turn on the power switch, and then turn on the run switch, and the heating turntable rotates from left to right.
  3. Turn on the heating switch to preheat the heating panel. At this time, it displays the temperature on the temperature controller.
  4. Pour the batter into the grouting bucket, adjust the paste injection lever so that the paste injection nozzle is located directly above the heating panel.
  5. When the preheating temperature is the same as the preset temperature, turn on the paste injection switch and the machine will automatically start grouting and heating.
Commercial kuih kapit machine
Commercial Kuih Kapit Machine

Problems encountered in running kuih kapit machine for Indonesia customer

When the Indonesian customer ran the egg roll machine for production, he encountered some problems. We provided him with a detailed solution.

Uneven grouting amount

Uneven grouting of kuih kapit baking machine may be due to the dough or particulate matter in the prepared dough. We suggest that the customer should mix the paste evenly into a particle-free state when making the paste.

How to adjust the amount of paste

The machine controls the amount of paste injection through a pressure reducing valve. It mainly controls the injection of dough paste through the pneumatic action of an air compressor. Adjusting the gap between the pressure reducing valve and the bottom of the barrel can control the amount of paste injected. The smaller the gap, the more paste, and the bigger the egg roll.

The color of the egg rolls is uneven

The reasons for the uneven color of the produced egg rolls are rough as follows: the heating temperature does not reach the set temperature; the temperature sensing probe is loose; the speed adjustment is too fast or too slow. Through the connection between our engineers and the customer and checking, we learned that some parts of the machine were loosened during transportation. The machine runs normally after the customer tightened the sensor probe under the guidance of our engineer.

In addition to kapit making machine, Taizy also provides kuih kapit forming machine, kuih kapit stacking machine, Kue semprong cutting, and other supporting equipment. If you are interested in this machine, please contact us.



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