Dried chili cutting machine

Chili cutting machine
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The dried chili cutting machine is specialized for chili processing. It can separate the seeds from the chili. The belt drives the raw material to the cutter. Then the two rolls across each other to cut the raw material into segments so that it has high efficiency. It is mainly used for chili cutting, kelp cutting, etc., The belt is driven by power. This chili cutting machine has the characteristics of reasonable design, simple operation, and convenient maintenance. The cutting width range is 1-2cm. Also can be customized according to the user’s requirements.

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Instruction of the dried chili cutting machine:

Check the conveyor belt and inlet have any sundries before starting the cutting machine. After confirming there are no sundries, start the motor and see if the machine is operating normally. If the dried chili cutting machine is normal, the machine needs to idle for 10 minutes to warm up the motor. They put the chili into the inlet to start cutting it. (Note: Ground wire must be used before the machine runs)

Maintenance and storage of the dried chili cutting machine:

1. When it is not used for a long time: The roll part is coated with cooking oil to preserve. The belt is loose to ensure the belt has a long service life.

2. Before the chili cutting machine works, the gear part should be coated with yellow glycerin once a day to ensure gear lubrication, and reduce noise and gear wear.

3. The machine has been adjusted before leaving the factory. If you find that there is a constant phenomenon when the machine is working: Loosen the adjusting screw on the hob until the chili can be cut off, and then fasten the screw.

4. When cutting chili,  it needs to be cleaned to avoid foreign matter in the chili and damage to the tools and other parts.

5. When the chili cutting machine is working, the conveyor belt runs to the left. Tighten the left screw on the back of the machine until the belt returns to the positive position. Otherwise, adjust another screw.

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Production precautions of the dried chili cutting machine:

1. During the operation of the dried chili cutting machine, do not put your hand close to the cutter to avoid danger.

2. Do not put your hand on the conveyor belt while the machine is running to avoid the accident.

3.When the machine maintenance, the power is turned off to avoid danger.

4. Do not do any maintenance while the machine is running in order to avoid danger.

5. Chili must be screened to prevent damage to the blade by impurities.

Chili cutting machine

Advantages of the dried chili cutting machine:

  1. The dried chili cutting machine is made of thicker stainless steel which can avoid rusting.
  2. Conveyor belt: Equipped with food grade belt for long service life. Prevent contamination of chili by conveyor belts to ensure the chili clean and hygienic.
  3. Copper core motor can keep the machine has a long service life.

Technical parameters of the dried chili cutting machine: