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Full-automatic Biscuit & cookie Production Line

The fully automatic biscuit production line is mainly to produce biscuit, including dough mixer, biscuit forming machine, biscuit roaster machine, and packing machine. Controlled by CPU module control and driven by back mounting motor, the whole biscuit production line is characterized by compact structure and high degree automation. The whole biscuit processing procedures are automatic in one time from dough feeding to oil spraying.


Application of Biscuit Production Line

  1. The biscuit production line can accomplish the whole biscuit processing procedure with stable performance.
  2. The biscuit molds are various, such as round, square, oval, finger-shaped, and we also can provide customers with biscuit baking formula.
  3. By changing the biscuit mold and formula, customers can produce a variety of popular market hot selling biscuits, such as cream flavor biscuits, wheaten biscuits, cream cookies, sea-salt flavor cookies, milk flavored biscuits, sesame biscuits, animal-shaped biscuits, vegetable flavor biscuits

Biscuit Production Line1

Biscuit Production Line2


  1. Cookie production linewith large output is designed and developed and by Taizy Machinery after many years of research and development, integrating with experience and customers’ feedback.
  2. Itis carried out by mechanical and electrical control from mixed feeding to biscuit molding, biscuit tracking, scrape dough reuse, continuous baking, glazing, cooling, etc.
  3. All operations are completed automatically, and the thickness of biscuits can be adjusted by manipulating the sheeting pressure.
  4. Roller sheeting molding is accomplished within one time. Biscuit molding rate is high and the biscuit molding quality is over average.
  5. It is easy to replace product specifications by changing the impression roller.
  6. The biscuit oven can be assembled in sections for easy installation and transportation.
  7. Biscuit bakery oven: the backing oven is equipped with mesh belt conveyor to track products.
  8. The clean and sanitary baking effect is ensured.
  9. The oil sprayer nozzle adopts frequency converter for speed control. The spraying speed is stable and the energy-saving effect is good.

10. Mechanical transport speed can be manipulated faster or slower.

  1. Cookie production line is equipped with speed regulating device, fully automatic temperature control, automatic leakage or power failure alarm and a series of advanced safety devices.
  2. All parts of the whole machine contacting with raw material are made of stainless steel, meeting the hygienic requirements of the food.
  3. Novel design, compact structure and a high degree of automation.
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