Garlic clove separating machine for breaking garlic bulb

Garlic clove separating machine
garlic clove separating machine
This commercial electric garlic clove separating machine mainly apples for separating garlic cloves from the bulb.
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This garlic clove separating machine mainly apples for separating garlic cloves from bulbs. It replaces manual processing which can save time and effort. This machine is extremely efficient and easy to use, which is several times the labor efficiency. Garlic processing process: garlic roots cutting-garlic split-garlic peeling.

Introduction of the garlic splitting machine

The garlic splitting machine simulates the manual splitting method and will not destroy garlic. By adjusting the distance between the rollers, peeling by the rollers rotary extrusion. The fan can blow away the garlic skin. The rubber roller does not damage the garlic and the breakage rate is extremely low. Garlic clove separating machine has the characteristics of stable performance, compact structure, saving time and electricity, high production efficiency, low damage rate, convenient use, and maintenance, etc.

Instructions for the garlic clove separating machine

  1. You should do a detailed inspection before the machine works to see if the fastening parts are loose. Check if the power cord is damaged, if there is any foreign matter in the inlet, and whether the voltage is required
  2. Place the machine in a flat place. Turn on the machine and put the garlic into the inlet.
  3. Adjust the rollers if the splitting effect is not good

The garlic clove separating machine adopts stainless steel, which is durable. This machine is suitable for all sizes of garlic. And the garlic is not damaged. It has the characteristic of a small footprint and a high peeling rate. It uses the fan to blow off the excess garlic skin after peeling, which provides convenience for subsequent peeling work. This solves the problems of long working time, high labor costs, water pollution, and material waste in the garlic processing process.

Garlic splitting machine

Advantages of this garlic bulb breaking machine

  1. This machine is an automatic garlic processing machine. One person can operate this machine.
  2. Using a specially designed peeling principle, the garlic will not contact the blade during the peeling process. Therefore, it can ensure the integrity, freshness, and pollution of the garlic.
  3. No need to add water during the machine work, which will not pollute the environment.
  4. The garlic can be processed without sorting during the peeling process.

Customer using case of the garlic splitting machine

There is a customer from India called Angad who wants to make mashed garlic. We arrange a suitable program for him according to his need: garlic splitting machine, garlic peeling machine, garlic mud making machine. He sells the processed garlic mud to the local restaurant, school, hotel, canteen, etc., The profit of selling garlic is more than garlic. This machine can save lots of energy and labor. It is suitable for the food processing industry.

Technical parameters of the garlic clove separating machine