Garlic Splitting Peeling & Packaging Line

Garlic processing plant
garlic processing plant
This continuous garlic splitting and peeling packaging line is mainly used for bulk processing of garlic, which can quickly split, peel, clean, air dry and package garlic.
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This continuous garlic splitting peeling packaging line is mainly used for bulk processing of garlic, which can quickly split, peel, clean, air dry and package garlic. The processed clean garlic can be used in most food processing plants, restaurants, supermarkets, etc. The processing capacity of this garlic processing plant is from 500kg/h to 3t/h. We can customize this clean garlic processing line according to the customer’s processing needs.

Commercial clean garlic processing plant supplier
commercial clean garlic processing plant supplier

Why choose the garlic splitting and peeling line?

Those who are familiar with garlic should know that it is one of the more troublesome fruits and vegetables to handle. Especially, it is very time-consuming and labor-intensive to split and peel a large amount of garlic by hand. However, garlic, as the most common flavoring ingredient in the world, is very versatile and in demand. Especially in all kinds of restaurants, food processing plants, etc., garlic is an essential ingredient.

Clean garlic cloves
clean garlic cloves

Using automatic garlic splitting and peeling processing lines to process garlic with large output can save processing time significantly. Therefore many garlic plantations and investors use this garlic processing line for deep processing of garlic and sell the processed clean garlic to supermarkets and restaurants.

Components of garlic splitting peeling packaging line

The main equipment of this commercial garlic processing line includes an automatic lifting machine, garlic splitting machine, garlic peeling machine, picking conveyor, automatic color sorter, bubble washing machine, air dryer, garlic clove packing machine, etc.

This line is a conventional configuration garlic processing line designed by our Taizy factory according to general customer requirements. The equipment of this processing line is available in different models and alternative types of machines, so we can develop different garlic splitting and peeling processing lines for our customers according to their needs.

Complete garlic splitting peeling & packaging line design
complete garlic splitting peeling & packaging line design

How do split and peel garlic fast with a garlic processing line?

Complete garlic splitting, peeling, picking, color sorting, washing, drying, and packing process

Bulk garlic adding

We use the lifting conveyor to continuously transport the garlic to be processed to the corresponding processing machine, saving time and labor.

Garlic splitting

Garlic is quickly peeled into individual cloves when it enters the garlic splitter. The machine does not damage the garlic cloves during the splitting process. The garlic cloves processed by the garlic splitter can be used as seed garlic for planting, in addition to being peeled again.

Garlic peeling

This garlic peeling machine is mainly suitable for the quick peeling of dry garlic. The peeling rate of garlic can reach 95%. And the machine’s own fan can collect garlic peel automatically during the peeling process.

Garlic Picking

The process of picking garlic cloves is manually involved. The workers need to pick out the broken cloves or rotten garlic from garlic.

Color sorting

The garlic color sorting process uses an automatic color sorter to sort clean garlic cloves. The color sorter is a device that automatically sorts out the different colored particles in the granular material by using photoelectric detection technology according to the difference in the optical properties of the material.

Garlic cloves washing

We use the bubble washer for simple cleaning of garlic cloves to remove the impurities on the surface of the cloves and to ensure the cleanliness of the cloves.

Air drying

We use a continuous air dryer to quickly air dry the cleaned garlic cloves. If not dried, the cleaned garlic cloves can easily spoil.

Garlic cloves packaging

We pack the air-dried garlic cloves using a ten-head weighing and packing machine or other types of granule packing machines. The packaged garlic cloves can be sold directly to restaurants and supermarkets

Main features of the garlic splitting peeling & packaging line

  • All the equipment of this industrial garlic processing line is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, which is very resistant to corrosion and wear. And it will not contaminate the garlic to be processed.
  • This garlic splitting and peeling packaging line are very easy to install and use. Among them, the garlic clove packing link, the weight, size, and style of the packing can be customized according to the customer’s needs.
  • The garlic processing line has a wide range of uses and is very suitable for investment in ginger & garlic processing plants, garlic plant manufacturers, and garlic retailers. At present, the garlic processing equipment of our factory has been exported to the United States, Jamaica, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Ireland, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Australia, Hungary, Mexico, Slovenia, and other countries.

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