Hemp seed shelling and separating machine characteristics

Hemp seed shelling separating machine
hemp seed shelling separating machine
The hemp seed shelling separating machine applies for hulling watermelon seeds, pumpkin seeds, pine nuts, etc. So what are the machine characteristics?
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The husked hemp seeds are rich in protein, which can be added to food. Due to the unique characteristics of hemp seeds, it needs a special hemp seed husking separator to reduce the damage and husking of hemp seeds. The hemp seed husking machine is not only suitable for husking hemp seeds, it can also be used for pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, and pine nuts. So how does this widely used hemp seed husking? What are the characteristics of the hemp seed shelling separating machine?

Hemp seeds application

Hemp seed is the fruit of hemp, which is an oil crop, similar in size to sorghum. After the hemp seeds are shelled, they are the hemp seed of Chinese medicine, which has medicinal value. And hemp seeds can also be used to squeeze oil, but hemp oil is mostly used for industrial purposes.

Hemp seeds
Hemp Seeds

Hulled hemp seeds are a highly nutritious source of protein. They taste better than soy protein and are easier to digest. They are by far the most popular and favorite hemp food. Hulled hemp seeds can be added to foods, including baked goods (bread, pretzels), rolled oats, and cereals.

How to hull hemp seeds?

The hemp seed hulling machine can be used for hemp seed shelling and the separation of hemp seed shells and kernels. The hemp seed shelling machine is a shelling machine developed based on the characteristics of hemp seeds. Due to the high oil content of hemp seeds, the shelled mixture inside the chamber of the sheller will stick to the inner wall of the sheller. Therefore, it needs a professional hemp seed shelling and separating machine to hulling hemp seed. We use a seed kernel separating vibrating respirator to reduce seed kernel damage rate. Therefore, the modification of the machine reduces the probability of hemp oil leaking due to broken seeds. The equipment has a wide range of applications that are easy to operate, highly automated, safe and reliable, and beautiful and durable.

Hemp seed hulling machine
Hemp Seed Hulling Machine

Features of hemp seed shelling separating machine

  • Hemp seed shelling machine is widely used for peeling melon seeds, pine nuts, pumpkin seeds, and other seeds.
  • It uses the recycling process to peel so that the unshelled seeds are returned for regeneration and automatically peeled. The shell is sucked out instead of blown out by negative pressure to reduce the amount of dust.
  • By improving the existing sheller, the separation and screening distance and area have been increased, so that the separation of seed kernels can be more thorough, thereby reducing the proportion of broken kernels
  • Compact design, low material loss, and easy maintenance.
  • The vibration source of the equipment is designed with a vibration motor, which is characterized by easy and quick installation.
  • The hemp seed shelling separating machine is specially designed for the oil industry. The hemp seed after dehulling is used to squeeze the oil with a high oil yield and good oil quality.
  • We use a seed kernel separation vibrating respirator to reduce the rate of seed kernel breakage
  • The use of a high-quality cold-rolled steel plate punching screen makes the shelling more efficient, and the screen is durable. The rebound ball design prevents the mesh from being blocked.

Types of industrial hemp seeds

There are four forms of industrial hemp seeds: whole hemp seeds, hulled hemp seeds, hemp seed oil, and hemp protein

Whole hemp seeds are rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals. They are also a good source of fiber. Whole hemp seeds can be used for cold-squeezing oil or peeled to reveal the flesh of the seeds (just like peeling the shell of a peanut).

Whole hemp seed
Whole Hemp Seed

Hemp seeds contain 25-35% oil and can be cold-pressed with a screw press. After cold pressing, the unrefined hemp seed oil is light green with a nutty, grassy taste. It is an excellent EFA supplement that can impart the desired flavor to seasonings, dips, and spreads. It can be mixed with olive oil, walnut oil, and safflower oil, and can also be used for cooking and eating. Hemp seed oil is a very popular product. It can be used to make salad dressings, dipping sauces, as well as ingredients for vegetables, rice, and potatoes; it is also a good substitute for margarine, butter, or any other oil. It can be used for cooking, but it is recommended to cook at a lower temperature to maintain its structural integrity.

Hemp seed oil
Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp protein is a good substitute for meat protein consumption. It contains more protein per ounce than any meat, and it contains no cholesterol. It can be mixed into juices and homemade milkshakes, or it can be purchased as a ready-made mixed milkshake, and it also comes in vanilla and chocolate flavors. When hemp seeds are pressed into oil, the remaining product still contains 25% protein, which is a good source of dietary fiber. It is still a very suitable food ingredient and nutritional supplement for humans and animals. It can also be used Come to brew beer.

Hemp protein
Hemp Protein

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