Hoister (3)
Hoister (3)
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Hoister product overview:

The maximum load of hoister is 200Kg, and the speed can be adjusted continuously, with a maximum speed of 80m/min. SUS304 construction, continuous tungsten electrode argon arc welded, and overall wire-drawing outer surface. Provide multiple configurations and alternative options to fully meet all kinds of lifting of bulk materials, such as: vegetable, fruit, seafood and raw materials, with food safety and efficient transport ensured.

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Features and advantages of hoister:

SUS304 bearing + PP sealed bearing pedestal is suitable for flushing operation has no horizontal surface
Clean structure design, making it easy to be cleaned.
Washable, high-efficiency right-angle, and hollow-shaft-driven design, and low noise energy saving, and easy to be cleaned polymer roller due to its IP56 level of protection feature, sliders are designed into three forms to adapt to the specific working conditions.

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Product details hoister:

1.Hygienic bearing
304SUS stainless steel outer spherical bearing, white PP bearing seat + dust proof end cover, H1 food grade lubricant. The service life of bearings are improved to reach food and drug hygienic standard.
2.Control of reducer
SEW supported high efficiency reducer, output by hollow right angle shaft, and keyless large torque lock sleeve connected transmission can adapt to direct washing, with level of protection IP56.

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3. Food-grade mesh belt
Certified food grade polymer mesh tape (white or FDA blue optional); various types of mesh belt and baffle can be selected to meet the requirements of different products and process transportation.
4. Optional functional accessories
According to the actual working conditions and requirements of users, this series pf hoister is equipped with special functional accessories for selection.
Such as: discharging hopper, outlet conduit ferrule, cleaning nozzle, water plate, and handle, movable guardrail for cleaning and so on.

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Model TS-200
Name Chain Hoister
Hoisting capacity 200kg
Height 1800mm、2000mm、2500mm
Speed 4m/min
Motor power 1.5kw
weight 300kg

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