Home spring roll wrapping machine exported to Israel

Spring roll wrapping machine for israel
spring roll wrapping machine for Israel
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The spring roll wrapping machine can process round and square spring roll sheets with uniform thickness and size. The processed spring roll wrappers can be eaten directly with side dishes, and can also be packaged and refrigerated for retail sale. A home spring roll wrapping machine from the Taizy factory was recently exported to Israel.

Spring roll wrappers
spring roll wrappers

Main requirements of Israel customer for spring roll wrapping machine

The Israeli client has a small restaurant that mainly deals in local cuisine. In order to process fried spring rolls in batches for sale, the customer urgently needs to purchase a home-use spring roll wrapping machine. The customer contacted our factory shortly after watching our YouTube video. The Israeli customer said that he is very satisfied with the working effect of the spring roll sheet making machine in the video, and hopes to buy a piece of similar equipment.

After communication, we learned that the customer mainly wants to process circular spring roll wrappers with a diameter of 300mm. In addition, the Israeli customer said that he needs an electric spring roll wrapping machine with a voltage of 380v, 50hz, and three-phase electricity.

Since the voltage of the machine used by this customer is the same as that of the equipment in China, our factory does not need to customize a special voltage for it. Moreover, the equipment model required by this customer is in stock in our factory, and we quickly arranged delivery for this customer.

Details of spring roll machine for israel
details of spring roll machine for Israel

After-sale service we provide for spring roll wrapper machine to Israel

The client is located in an Arab country and only speaks Arabic. Although he can speak some English, he can barely read the English version of the machine manual. Therefore, after we arranged the shipment, we translated the operation manual of the spring roll wrapping machine into English into Arabic for the convenience of customers.

In addition, we also provide customers with some spare parts and installation tools for free when shipping. After the customer received the machine, we also took a complete machine installation and commissioning a video to help the customer quickly familiarize themselves with the function and operation of the machine. The Israeli customer expressed his gratitude for the service provided by our factory.

Home spring roll wrapping machine of taizy factory
home spring roll wrapping machine of Taizy factory

Parameters of spring roll machine for Israel

Model: TZ-5029

Voltage: 380v, 50hz, 3 phase

Power: 1.2kw


Size: 4900*800*1350mm

Weight: 520 kg

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