How does the ginger juice extractor machine work?

Commercial ginger juice extractor machine
Commercial ginger juice extractor machine extracts ginger juice from ginger. Ginger juice has the functions of dispelling cold, dehumidifying and losing weight.
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Ginger juice is a kind of vegetable juice made from ginger as a raw material and squeezed with a ginger juicer. Ginger juice continues the functions and effects of ginger. It is beneficial to the human body to expel cold, remove dampness, relieve cough and expectorant, lose weight, and other functions. Therefore, the ginger juice business is very profitable. For many customers to produce ginger juice in large quantities, they usually purchase a ginger juice extractor machine to extract ginger juice.

Ginger juice function and utility

The ginger juice squeezes out by using ginger as a raw material. Ginger has many functions, such as warming the body, increasing appetite, and clearing away heat. Ginger juice made from ginger also has more functions. And the use of ginger juice can also make dishes, pounds worth of people cold and warm, prevent colds, and so on. Ginger juice has so many functions, so how is it made? In fact, the production of ginger juice is relatively simple, it can use a ginger juice extraction machine to squeeze the juice out of the ginger.

Ginger juice function
Ginger Juice Function

Introduction of ginger juice extractor machine

The ginger juice extractor machine is a fruit and vegetable juicer with a spiral structure. This machine is widely applied for squeezing all kinds of fruits and vegetables, and it can realize the solid-liquid separation of materials. For example, it can be used for pressing and extracting fruit juice and extracting vegetable juice. The commercial ginger juicer is mainly composed of crushing structure and pressing structure. The crushing device is mainly used to crush larger materials to facilitate the transportation and juice extraction of materials. The screw press structure is the most important part of the machine. It is used to convey and squeeze materials out of juice.

How does the ginger juicer extract ginger juice?

First, put the ginger into the machine from the feed opening. The crushing device on the top first crushes the ginger into fine granular materials. Then these small substances fall into the screw conveyor for transportation. The screw shaft rotates clockwise, and the further forward, the smaller the gap between the screw shaft and the machine wall. Therefore, it can squeeze the juice out of the material. The squeezed ginger juice flows out from the gap between the screw shaft and the tapered part. The residue after squeezing is discharged from the gap at the front end.

Ginger juice extractor machine
Ginger Juice Extractor Machine

How to fill ginger juice?

When using a ginger juicer to extract ginger juice, an important problem faced is how to preserve the ginger juice. The best way to preserve ginger juice is to store it in a bottle. Fruit and vegetable juice filling machine is the best filling machine for filling ginger juice into bottles without contamination. The ginger juice filling machine is suitable for filling bottles of various specifications. It is a fully automatic liquid quantitative filling machine, which can automatically complete bottle positioning, filling, and bottle discharge. All parameters can be completed on the intelligent control panel. The fruit and vegetable juice filling and packaging machine have the characteristics of stable and reliable performance, high filling precision, and easy operation.

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