How to maintain mesh belt drying machine?

Mesh belt dryer
mesh belt dryer
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Mesh belt drying machine, continuous drying equipment, is commonly used by most processing industries. Mesh belt dryer can be widely applied in chemical, food, plastic, electronics, and other fields. It is particularly suitable for drying granular materials with a high drying effect.

The importance to maintain mesh belt drying machine

The maintenance of the mesh belt dryer plays a very important role. Now there are many users of large dryer machines, but few users know the operation precautions. They blindly invested machine in drying production after purchasing it. In order to achieve satisfactory results, they always let the machine work day and night.

The harm of unawareness of the problem

After a period of overloaded work, the mesh belt drying machine will have a small failure. After the repair, the user still has not realized his own error and continues to make it work for a long time. As a result, small faults gradually evolve into major faults, eventually causing the mesh belt drying machine to be scrapped. Under this circumstance, the user loses more than just a mesh belt drying machine, which directly affects its drying production progress. So what is the daily maintenance we need to pay attention to when using it?

Mesh belt drying machine
Mesh Belt Drying Machine

Maintenance of mesh belt dryer

If the mesh belt is damaged or seriously worn, you should repair or replace it in time.
The method of replacing the mesh belt is like the flowing:
1. Firstly, remove the main driving sprocket
2. The operator faces the machine, unscrew the bolt of the drying net on the left side of the machine, and pull out the shaft components.
3. Open the observation door and take the drying chain out of the box.
4. When replacing the new drying mesh, use the stainless steel wire to fasten it and the support roller.
Note: When adjusting the tension of the drying chain with the adjusting bases at both ends of the passive shaft, the chain must not be too tight or too loose. In addition, the tension of the left and right chains must be the same.

How to maintain the accessories of the drying machine?

Inspect all parts of the hot blast stove used with the mesh belt dryer, such as the hearth, grate, chimney, inner wall, and hot air pipe joints. If damaged, repair or replace them in a timely manner.

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