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how to make black garlic / black garlic fermenter / fermentation machine

Black garlic fermenter is used to get black garlic that can enhance human immunity, anti-oxidation and supplement essential amino acids. Black garlic is rich in glutamic acid which not only enhances the taste of vegetables in the cooking, but also protects the health of the body. It has been widely used in high-end hotels, supermarkets, organic food chains and foreign organic supermarkets and hotels.  Therefore, it is favored by consumers.

fermentation machine
fermentation machine

Technical parameter

inner tank dimension400*400*500mm500*400*500mm500*400*600mm500*500*600mm600*500*750mm800*600* 850mm1000*800*1000mm1000*1000*1000mm2000*1000* 1000mm
outer tank dimension1000*870*1700mm1050*870*1700mm1050*870*1750mm1050*970*1750mm1150*970*1900mm1350*1150*1950mm1450*1300*2100mm1470*14002100 mm2600*1400*2100mm
The weight of white garlic15kg18kg20kg23kg38kg80kgl55kg190kg380kg
output of black garlic7.5kg9kg10kg11.5kg19kg40kg77.5kg95kg190kg
black fermentation machine
black fermentation machine

How to make black garlic?

Medium fermentation temperature: The temperature is 50-60 ° C; the humidity is 85%, and the fermentation time is 20 days. At this time, the garlic has been basically fermented. Normal fermentation temperature: temperature is 30 ° C; humidity is 50%, fermentation is 60 days. The quality of black garlic has reached international standards. Sterilization of finished products: Black garlic will produce many fungi after 90 days of fermentation, which can be stored by sterilization. First, the control of equipment temperature   The temperature inside the box is extremely strict, and the precision is controlled at 0.1 °C ;the uniformity is not more than ±1 °C; the temperature fluctuation is controlled at ±0.2 °C. Second, humidity control A compressor is used to control the stability of the humidity inside the tank. The humidity range is controlled between 20% and 98%. Humidity fluctuations and humidity deviations are controlled within ±2 °C. Third, the temperature rise and fall time Heating rate: 2 ° C – 4 ° C / min (from normal temperature to the highest temperature, nonlinear no-load) Cooling rate: 1 °C – 2 °C / min (from normal temperature to the lowest temperature, nonlinear no load)

Fermentation stage   Time    Temperature  Relative humidity
First stage   30-50h    85℃-95℃    85%
Second stage   60-110h    65℃-75℃    85%
Third stage   60-110h    55℃~65℃    85%


Analytical accuracytemperature: ±0.01 °C; humidity: ±0.1% R.H
Temperature rangenormal temperature to +90 °C
Temperature fluctuation±0.2°C
Temperature uniformity± 1.0 ° C
Heating rate 2 ° C -4 ° C / min
Cooling rate0.7 ° C -1 ° C / min
Humidity range20% -98%R.H
Humidity fluctuation±2.0% R.H
Humidity deviation± 2%
packed fermentation machine
packed fermentation machine

Advantage of black garlic fermenter

  1. Fermentation machine adopts 5 inches imported TEMI850 touch screen, and the screen display is intuitive and easy to operate, and the data can be saved permanently.

2. It can automatically save the data when the power is off.

  1. Real-time fermentation curve analysis, RS232, USB data storage connection can be equipped according to customer requirements.
  2. Black garlic is fermented and returned to normal temperature to ensure the best quality of it.
  3. Using flow control technology, it can effectively achieve an energy saving of more than 50%.
  4. During the fermentation process, when the water level of tank is too low, the black garlic fermenter will automatically alarm. When the voltage is unstable, the power will be automatically cut off to protect the machine.
  5. Adopt pure aluminum fin evaporator to effectively reduce energy storage time and save energy.
  6. During the fermentation process, the heating system and the humidification system are abnormal, and the controller and over-temperature protection automatically stop running so as to avoid the damage of the fermentation quality of black garlic due to failure.
  7. Heating system: continuous PID adjustment, using AC contactor as heating actuator, safe and reliable, with a separate over-temperature protection system.
  8. Air duct system: In order to ensure a high uniformity index, the test box is provided with an internal circulating air supply system.
finished black garlic
finished black garlic
finished black garlic
finished black garlic

Precautions of black garlic fermenter

  1. Choose raw garlic with intact skin
  2. Garlic must pass the test of 204 agricultural residues.
  3. The temperature of the garlic is generally above 5 degrees Celsius. Below this temperature, garlic is prone to water loss and wilting. At the same time, the growth rate of microorganisms is relatively fast, and the life of storage is easily shortened.
  4. If the temperature of the cold storage is too high or too low, dehydration atrophy and germination are not conducive to the subsequent enzymatic fermentation reaction.
  5. According to the size of garlic, the fermentation should be conducted on the diameter of garlic. When soaking and cleaning garlic, it is better to use a vegetable washing machine to clean them without damage the garlic skin.
  6. The rinsing time is about 1 minute, and it can not be too long. If the rinsing time is too long, the excessive humidity of the skin is not conducive to the next fermentation.
  7. You shall dry the moisture of the epidermis after soaking the garlic, and then ferment them.



















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