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How to make potato chips–Automatic Potato Slicer machine

cutting machine
cutting machine

The potato slicer machine is used to cut potato into small and thin pieces, and it has good performance and better quality than the regular electric potato cutting machine on the market. Compared with the regular potato slicer, it can be used for 1-2 more years and is characterized by low cost maintenance. And this potato cutting machine can produce 300 kilograms of potatoes per hour, and it plays an important role in potato chips production line, saving a lot of labor time. In recent years, a growing number of customers like to buy this machine. Until now, we have exported it to India, Russia, the United States, Ukraine, Germany, Bangladesh, and other countries etc. annually

Potato Slicer machine
Potato Slicer machine
Potato Slicer machine

Application of potato cutting machine

Used for the cutting of bulbous root crops and fruits, such as radish, potato, sweet potato, taro, bamboo shoots, onion, eggplant, apple, ginger, papaya, pineapple and so on.

The cutter is applicable to French fries production lines, food canning plants, rapidly frozen food plants, food processing plants, catering industry, restaurants and so on.

Potato Slicer machine


  1. Multi-function cutting, which can be used for slicing and cutting. The biggest feature is to cut products into various shapes by changing the cutter plate.
  2. One multi-purpose machine, high output, easy to replace the cutter disc, simple operation, easy to clean.
  3. The machine can be equipped with slicing and cutting knife plate. Electric potato slicer can be used to process potato chips.
  4. Electric potato slicer is a large–output machine for slicing and cutting potatoes into julienne.
  5. It is used to slice and cut various fruitssuch as cucumber, carrot,banana etc.
  6. Cutter plate can be replaced according to the specific needs of users, and replacement is also very simple.

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