How to operate automatic tortilla making machine

Commercial tortilla maker machine
commercial tortilla maker machine
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The automatic tortilla making machine can quickly make tortilla and spring roll wrappers. It only needs to put the prepared dough on the heating panel and start the machine to automatically make tortillas. But before using the commercial tortilla maker machine, you need to connect an air compressor to generate air. So how to operate the tortilla-making machine?

Automatic tortilla making machine’s working principle

The tortilla maker machine is mainly composed of a frame, pneumatic components, electrical components, heating components, and forming molds. The mold forming part of the machine controls by the air source generated by the air compressor. It can control the movement of the upper and lower heating plates. The other parts are driven by motors. The automatic tortilla making machine can set the heating temperature and time as required. It can automatically bake tortillas at a set temperature and time. And it can customize the mold of the machine according to requirements.

Tortilla making machine making style
Tortilla Making Machine Making Style

How to operate an automatic tortilla maker machine

The tortilla maker’s operation is very simple. Just turn on the power and place the prepared dough in the center of the heating plate. Then close the mold cover, and the machine will automatically heat and bake the shape. But before using the roast duck cake machine, you need to connect the power supply, connect the air compressor, and adjust the parameters.

  1. Connect the power and air source

First, connect the air source device of the machine to the corresponding air compressor, and then insert the plug into the power socket.

  1. Adjust the parameter

After connecting the power, turn on the power switch to set the heating time and heating temperature. After completing the setting, turn on the switch and the mold will automatically press down. When reaching the set time, the upper and lower molds automatically return to their previous positions. Adjusting the switch on the upper part of the cylinder above the mold can adjust the speed of mold descent. Then set the baking temperature. Before the temperature reaches the set temperature, the automatic tortilla making machine will automatically heat up. When reaching the set temperature the machine will automatically stop heating up.

Tortilla making machine operation
Tortilla Making Machine Operation
  1. Test the machine and then adjust

After setting all parameters, place a small piece of dough in the center of the heating plate. Then turn on the power, the upper and lower heating plates automatically close and bake.

After baking and forming, observe whether the thickness of the roast duck cake meets the requirements. If the thickness does not meet the requirements, please adjust the pressure of the pneumatic device. The greater the pressure, the thinner the tortilla. The lower the pressure, the greater the thickness of the tortilla.

In addition, we provide heating plates of different sizes. If you need a tortilla of a certain size and shape. We can customize it according to your requirements.




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