How to operate vacuum packaging machine properly

Vacuum packing machine
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Vacuum packaging machine operation method:

Put the unsealed bags into the packaging container (plastic composite bag or aluminum foil composite bag) in any of the vacuum chamber, lift the pressing strip, and evenly place the pack edge on the lower hot pressing rack and arrange consistently, then press the button to start up vacuum packaging.

In order to ensure the well-sealed result of packaging, please try to put the sealing bags coordinately.

Switch on the power of the crystal screen panel, the power indicator light is on, cover the upper and lower chamber on any working platform, check whether the motor running direction is consistent with the arrow on the vacuum pump if not, stop the machine for adjustment.

Switch the two phases of the power plug, then press down the upper cover to carry out the automatic packaging and sealing. At the same time, the products that need to be packaged can be placed on another working platform to improve packaging efficiency.

When the whole packaging work is finished, turn off the power switch on the panel and cut off the power supply.

Vacuum packing machine
Vacuum packing machine

Vacuum packaging machine maintenance:

1. Acquire adjustment knowledge and use the method before the operation.

2. Carry on vacuum pump regular maintenance, refueling, oil change according to the vacuum pump specification.

3. Check whether there is any foreign body on the heating isolation of the upper hot-pressing cover and whether it is smooth to ensure the sealing strength as required.

4. Check whether the grounding wire of the machine is well-contacted to ensure the safe working.

Vacuum packing machine
Vacuum packing machine

5. Before packaging, set the heat sealing temperature and time from low to high.

Note: Do not adjust the thermal voltage and thermal sealing time during the working process to avoid the heating isolation, bakelite board or silicone strip catching fire.
If the heating isolation is damaged, please replace it in time.

6. If the fault is found, press the emergency stop button, release the air in the chamber and the airbag, then turn off the power. Check the cause and troubleshoot the fault.

7. When replacing the upper studio gasket, just pull down the seal strip of the upper cover, and then load the new chamber gasket in the original position and make it smooth.

8. Package contains too much water, oil or warm food will affect the vacuum degree. Install an air filter between the vacuum pump and the chamber according to the size of the pump.