How to shell sunflower seed in bulk?

Sunflower seed shelling machine
sunflower seed shelling machine
Sunflower seeds is a snacks we often eat, which can also be used as a dishes. How to get sunflower seeds quickly?
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Sunflower seeds are very common in our lives. It can be a casual snack, can be edible sunflower oil, decorations on pastries, etc. Different edible uses require different processing of sunflower seeds. So the most common is to dehull sunflower seeds. The shelling treatment of sunflower seeds generally yields very largely. In large-volume industrial processing, it generally uses a sunflower seed dehulling machine to process sunflower seeds. So how does the sunflower seed hulling machine process sunflower seeds quickly?

Uses of sunflower seeds

Sunflower seed
Sunflower Seed

Sunflower seeds are the fruit of sunflowers, which are used for food and oil. They are a very popular snack and edible oil source. They are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, multiple vitamins, and trace elements. Sunflower seeds can treat depression, neurasthenia, insomnia, and various psychogenic diseases. It also has certain effects on cancer, hypertension, heart disease, iron deficiency anemia, etc. Sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc, and zinc deficiency in the human body can cause skin wrinkles to develop rapidly.

How to process sunflower seeds in large quantities?

So how does the industry process sunflower seeds in large quantities? This requires a sunflower seed dehulling machine. Sunflower seed shelling machines can realize the function of sunflower seed shelling and shell kernel separation. First, use a conveyor to transport the sunflower seeds to the shelling device for hulling. After hulling, the seeds and kernels are separated through a vibrating screen. And most of the unhulled sunflower seeds are transported back to the elevator through the vibrating tank for the second hulling. The dehulled sunflower kernels and impurities enter the rear air sieve together. it will remove small impurities, melon seed skin, and other light impurities by winnowing according to the difference of the impurities in the material and its own specific gravity. After passing through three seed kernel separation sieves, it removes the broken grains and the unseparated sunflower seeds and sorts high-quality sunflower kernels.

Features of sunflower seed shelling machine

It can remove impurities (including large impurities, small impurities, side-by-side impurities, heavy impurities, light impurities, shredded seeds, etc.), shelling, peeling, sorting, and multiple selections of sunflower seed raw materials.

How to shell sunflower seed
How To Shell Sunflower Seed

The unhulled kernels slipped from the machine can be automatically returned to the hulling machine for hulling again, which greatly improves the degree of automation.   

The sunflower seed dehulling machine has the characteristics of low energy consumption, compact structure, small footprint, less seed loss, a high degree of automation, and simple operation and maintenance.

Guide to eating sunflower seeds

Casual snacks

After roasting or baking, sunflower seeds can be eaten as a snack. During frying, it can add different seasonings to obtain melon seeds with different tastes.

Sunflower seed snack
Sunflower Seed Snack

Sunflower seeds are rich in fat, protein, zinc, and other trace elements, and a variety of vitamins, which can enhance digestion. Eating melon seeds can activate the entire digestive system. Eating melon seeds before meals can promote appetite, and eating melon seeds after meals can promote digestion.

Make sunflower oil

Sunflower seed oil

The kernels of sunflower seeds contain 30%-45% fat, and the most can reach 60%. Sunflower oil is golden in color, clear and transparent, and has a delicate smell. It contains a large amount of linoleic acid and other essential unsaturated fatty acids, which can promote the regeneration and growth of human cells, protect skin health, and reduce the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood. Sunflower seed oil is a high-grade nutrient oil. It has a golden color, clear and transparent, and has an aromatic odor.

As an auxiliary material in dishes

Sunflower seed in dishes

In addition, sunflower seeds can also be added to dishes to add nutritional value to dishes. It can add a unique crispy texture to salads, stuffings, sauces, dishes, cakes, and yogurt. In addition, it can also be used as a raw material for making cakes.

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