Is cassava flour toxic?

Cassava flour
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Is cassava flour toxic? Many people know that cassava is toxic, but what about cassava flour? Let’s take a look together. Cassava flour is a powder made by cassava crushing, and it can be divided into edible cassava flour and industrial cassava flour. Fresh cassava is poisonous, but if fresh cassava is cut into pieces, it can be eaten after being cooked or baked. In fact, 65% of the total cassava production in the world is applied to the food industries. Besides, cassava can be used to extract garri, and there are garri making machine manufacturer in china.


All in all, cassava flour is not toxic, since the toxic substances have been removed during processing.

Actually, cassava flour plays an important role in the fermentation industry, food industry, medicine field and other aspects.

What is the symptoms of cassava poisoning?

Let me show for you one by one.

Symptoms of cassava poisoning

Those with mild symptoms will experience nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and dizziness. Even worse, they will appear to breathing difficulties, rapid heartbeat, dilated pupils, or cause coma. Finally, they will have convulsive shock and eventually die of respiratory failure. In addition,it can also trigger goiter, fatty liver and damage to the optic nerve and motor nerve.

The role of cassava flour

Cassava flour has can relieve symptoms such as bruises and pain, trauma, swelling and soreness. In addition, cassava powder is able to strengthen the brain, suppress tumors and also is anti-aging and radiation.

Cassava flour is raw material of some common food such as beverages, and sweets. However, cassava flour cannot be used alone, and it can only be mixed into other materials. For example, after mixing cassava flour with water, it becomes transparent, colorless and tasteless

The other application of cassava flour

Cassava flour is widely applied in canned foods, frozen foods, baked goods, spices, sausages, dairy products, meat and fish products, baby food, jelly, etc.

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