Centrifugal oil filter machine for cleaning crude oil impurity

Centrifugal oil filter machine for cleaning crude oil impurity

Centrifugal oil filter machine
Centrifugal oil filter machine

The centrifugal oil filter machine is to separate oil residue from oil. The crude oil cleaning machine using the centrifugal principle to realize different stratification under the high-speed rotation of the motor. When filtering, the oil residue adheres to the wall of the filter tank, and the oil will be in the innermost layer. When the motor stops running, the oil flows out finally.

Centrifugal oil filter machine operation video

Advantage of centrifugal oil filter machine

  1. The filtration speed is fast. Filtering time is around3-4 minutes, and each oil filtering amount is 15-25KG. The oil residue is cleaned once every 1000KG, which is convenient to operate.
  2. Compared with another oil filter, this one bears long-term use without any loss of parts, and you don’t need to change filter cloth that can last for a long time.
  3. Power saving. The drum rotates at the normal speed after the power is turned on, and the oil is filtered by the centrifugal force of the drum.
  4. The filtering effect is better than all other equipment, avoiding the danger of detonation of the air pressure filter and the long working efficiency caused by excessive greasy filth.
  5. It is made of stainless steel that complies with national hygienic and safety standards.

Technical parameter of centrifugal oil filter machinery

Model motor/KW Driving mode Rotation speed r/min Diameter Capacity kg/h
YTLY40 1.5 Belt driving 1800 360 80
YTLY50 1.5 Belt driving 1800 500 200
YTLY60 1.5 Belt driving 1800 550 260
YTLY80 2.0 Belt driving 2200 600 350

Successful case

We have a customer from America who bought a screw oil pressing machine one month ago. He had a big sunflower field and planted to press the sunflower seeds, then sold oil on the market. But now, he needs an oil filter to get a rather clean oil, so we suggest him to buy a 200kg/h oil filter machine to meet his demand. He presses the sunflower seeds firstly to get coarse oil that is filtered by an oil filter later. With good filtering effect and steady performance, he sent a feedback video to us to express his satisfaction, and we are very delighted about that.


1.Can i get the rather clean oil finally?

Yes, you can, the filtering effect is every good.

2.When should i clean the inner layer of oil tank?

You can clean it after the 1000kg oil is filtered.

3.Where is the oil residue?

Oil residue will adhere to the inner layer of tank.

4.What is the capacity of this oil filter machine?

We have different types with different capacities that ranges from 80kg/h to 350kg/h.

5.What is the filtering time?

It is around 3 to 4 minutes.

6.Will the final oil mix with oil residue?

No, the final oil is clean without any oil residue.

7.What is the oil filtering amount?


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