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Onion peeling production line

Full automatic onion skin peeling machine with stainless steel (5)
Full automatic onion skin peeling machine with stainless steel (5)

The process of onion peeling production line is as follow:

1. Onions are screened by grading machine,

2. Selected onion is delivered by elevator and peeling machine removes the skin and roots of them.

3. Onions without skin and root then are washed by a bubble washer.

4. It is better to configure a drying line if you want to store these processed onions for a long time

The onion peeling production line adopts 304 stainless steel with frequency conversion control. The machine has a patented air knife from the inside, which automatically masters the size of the onion and can automatically change the depth and cutting size of it.

Pick up incompletely peeled onion, high efficiency and easy to operate


The graded onions can be continuously and evenly lifted into peeling equipment by the hoist


The onion peeling machine has no damage to onions after peeling, and the surface is smooth without any contamination. This equipment is characterized by practicality, power saving, high efficiency, and low failure rate.

Technical parameter:

Power Capacity Dimension mm Weight kg
21 0.5-1 800 2000
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