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Popcorn machine is used to pop corn,and machine is easy to operate and maintain. Until now, we have two types of popcorn machine including manual one and electric one. With short popping time and great taste, we have exported to many such machines.

Technical parameter of hand-operated type

TypeSmall size popcorn machineBig size popcorn machine
Heating methodLiquefied gasLiquefied gas

hand operated popcorn

Technical parameter of electric type

TypeSmall size electric popcorn machineBig size electric  popcorn machine
Heating methodLiquefied gasLiquefied gas

Maintenance and cleaning

  1. After the popcorn is out of the pan, pour the appropriate amount of water into the pot, and then automatically stir it for a few seconds (the manual popcorn maker machine needs manual stirring), and then pour out the water.
  2. Turn off the stirring switch (it is unnecessary for manual popcorn machine), clean the inner pot with a non-corrosive semi-dry wet towel. Do not allow the inner pot to be washed with hard objects to avoid wear the machine.
  3. When the machine is not in use, cut off the power supply and unplug the plug (It is unnecessary for manual popcorn machine), and disconnect the gas valve. Clean the parts of the fuselage with a non-corrosive semi-dry wet towel to keep the whole clean and hygienic.
  4. The machine should be stored in a dry and ventilated place.


Advantage of popcorn machine

  1. The popping time is very short.
  2. The popcorn machine is very easy to operate, clean and maintain.
  3. The final popcorn has great taste.
  4. We have different models machine, and you can choose based on your need.
  5. It can apply to home or food processing industries.

The malfunction of popcorn machine

  1. Stirrer does not work.


(1). Check that the circuit connections are properly energized.

(2). Check if the motor is burnt out. If yes, you need to replace it with a new one.

  1. The ignition switch does not catch fire or the ignition effect is not good.


Check whether the gas valve is a high pressure valve and do not use a low pressure valve.


How to make popcorn?

  1. Prepare raw materials: popcorn coconut oil (400g for big size popcorn maker, 250g for small size popcorn maker). professional corn (500g for bigmachines, 300g for small machines), caramel prevention (400g for big machines, 250g for small machines).
  2. Start the machine: turn on the automatic stirring switch. (Note: there is no stirring in the manual machine).Ignite the liquefied gas stove, and adjust the firepower to moderate.
  3. Add raw materials: After the machine is ignited, pour the prepared oil into the pot, and wait until the oil is heated to high temperature,and prepare to corn and anti-caramel to the pot.
  4. Start to fry corn: the automatic commercial popcorn machine needs to cover the lid, and let the machine stir and fry automatically. The manual machine needs to use the big popcorn shovel to stir until the corn is completely popped.
  5. Discharge the popcorn.In around one minute, when there are no  fierce popping, you shall immediately turn off the fire, and pour the popcorn out to the table. Finally stir the popcorn that has just been out of the pot until the popcorn is cooled.
machine factory
machine factory

Transportation and storage

  1. This popcorn maker should be handled carefully to prevent violent collisions.
  2. The machine should be stored in the open air or non-corrosive gas warehouse.

FAQ of popcorn maker

  1. Which model do I need to choose if I want to make popcorn with less time and energy?

You can choose electric one

  1. Can I control the taste of popcorn?

Yes, of course, you can place different seasonings according to your need.

  1. Can I control the size of popcorn?

No, the size of popcorn is related to the size of the corn.

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