Potato Masher Machine for Making Mashed Potatoes

Potato masher machine for sale
potato masher machine for sale
A commercial potato masher machine can grind cooked potatoes into fine mashed potatoes. In addition, it can also process raw mashed potatoes, mashed garlic, minced ginger, etc. This article focuses on the structural characteristics, working principle, main parameters, price of the machine.
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A commercial potato masher machine can be used to grind cooked potatoes into finely mashed potatoes. In addition, the machine can also be used to process raw mashed potatoes, mashed garlic, minced ginger, etc.

Taizy factory mashed potato machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which will not contaminate food. The output of this machine is between 500kg/h-1000kg/h, which is very suitable for small and medium-sized restaurants, canteens, food stores, and food processing plants.

This article focuses on the structural characteristics, working principle, main parameters, price, and other information of the machine.

Applications of potato masher machine

This commercial mashed potato ricer is commonly used to process cooked potatoes (or steamed potatoes). It quickly cuts and grinds cooked potatoes and passes them through the machine’s discharge mold to produce mashed potatoes.

In addition, the mashed potato machine is often used to process raw chopped fruits and vegetables due to the machine’s high-speed cutting and grinding characteristics. For example, we can use it to process large quantities of mashed garlic, mashed ginger, mashed taro, and raw mashed potatoes.

How does the mashed potato machine work?

The structure of this mashed potato machine includes a funnel-shaped bin, agitator, internal screw, discharge mold, click, and base. When the machine is working, we put the ingredients into the bin of the mashed potato machine.

The mixer of the machine has blades that can rotate at high speed to cut the ingredients quickly. The cut ingredients will automatically fall to the bottom of the bin and will be extruded from the discharge opening through the screw inside the machine.

There is a discharge mold at the outlet of the potato masher, and the finished product is extruded through the mold holes on the mold. If you want to process different fineness of mashed potatoes, you just need to change the molds with different hole diameters.

How is the commercial potato masher machine price?

The mashed potato machine is a small food processing equipment that is relatively inexpensive. There are different models of potato masher machines in our Taizy factory. The prices of different models and different configurations of the machine are different.

Also, the price of this machine will be different when customers order it from our factory at different periods. This is because our factory needs to buy steel as raw material for manufacturing the machine, and when the steel price fluctuates, the ex-factory price of the machine also varies.

In addition, our factory offers discounted prices on some holidays, such as National Day, Christmas Day and so on. However, no matter when you ask for a quotation from our factory, we will surely recommend the right machine and quote for you according to your specific needs.

Mashed potato maker for sale
mashed potato maker for sale

Hot-sale model parameters of mashed potato ricer machine

Packing size1270*740*1850MM
Mold hole size3/4/5/6mm(customizable)
mashed potato maker parameters

Why choose Taizy’ mashed potato maker machines?

Taizy factory has been engaged in food processing machinery manufacturing and exporting for more than 10 years, has accumulated a lot of customer experience, and can provide you with the most cost-effective solutions and considerate service according to your needs.

For customers who have no experience in import and export, we will also carefully confirm the export-related processes with customers and help them choose reliable freight forwarders.

Currently, we are regularly exporting these commercial mashed potato machines to Russia, the UK, France, Serbia, Turkey, Nigeria, Switzerland, the Philippines, Australia, Bangladesh, India, USA.

We also supply other vegetable and fruit processing machines, such as potato washing machines, potato peeling machines, vegetable cutting machines, etc. If you are interested, pls just contact us for quotations.

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