Small spiral fruit juice making machine

Spiral fruit juice making machine
spiral fruit juice making machine
The spiral fruit juice making machine uses the principle of screw squeezing to squeeze fruits and vegetables. It applies for apples, pineapples, oranges, and gingers,ect.
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The spiral-type small fruit juicer machine is a machine widely used in fruit and vegetable squeezing. It uses the squeezing method to squeeze out the juice from the material and make it separate. This kind of juicer is widely used in the food industry. This fruit juicer can be used with fruit and vegetable washing machines and air dryers.

Structure composition of small fruit juicer

The machine includes front support, feed hopper, screw shaft, filter screen, juicer, rear support, slag trough, and other components. The left end of the screw spindle is supported in the rolling bearing housing. And the right end is supported in the handwheel bearing housing. The electric motor drives the screw shaft through a pair of pulleys to operate.

Small fruit juicer
Spiral Ginger Juice Extractor Structure

The working principle of the spiral vegetable juicer

The spiral vegetable juicer uses the volume change in the squeezing chamber to produce a strong squeezing force on the material to separate the juice. This squeezing force mainly comes from two aspects.

(1) Compression force The main working part of the screw juicer is a variable pitch screw. The pitch is larger and larger, and the root diameter is larger. Therefore, the volume of the squeezing chamber formed by the screw and the squeezing cage gradually becomes smaller. Therefore, the pressure on the material in the process of moving forward in the axial direction becomes greater and greater.

Screw vegetable juicer machine application
Screw Vegetable Juicer Machine Application

(2) Resistance includes slag discharge resistance and friction resistance. The slag tapping resistance depends on the gap of the slag tapping ring. The gap is large, the pressure is small, and the juice output rate is low; the gap is small, the pressure is large, and the juice output rate is high. The frictional resistance includes the friction between the material and the squeezed sliver and the snail and the friction generated by the material itself due to the unequal propulsion speed.

 Workflow of spiral fruit juicer machine

Fruits and vegetables enter the machine from the inlet, and the screw shaft pushes the material forward and squeezes the material. The squeezed juice flows through the filter into the juice container at the bottom. The residue is discharged from the annular gap formed between the screw shaft and the conical part of the pressure regulator. The gap size of the pressure regulating shaft can be adjusted to change the slag extraction rate.

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