The difference between cassava starch and sweet potato flour

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Starch is a kind of food that many people like to use. Starch also has different classifications, such as tapioca starch and sweet potato starch, which are the two more common starches. Many people think that cassava starch is sweet potato starch. In fact, there is a big difference in the aspects of source, use and composition! In addition, cassava can also be used to make garri, Taizy garri processing machine is a very good supplier in China, their garri production line is a hot sale product, and they have sold it to many countries, especially African market.

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The difference between cassava starch and sweet potato starch

Different sources

Cassava starch: it is a kind of powder with a high starch content.

Sweet potato flour: it contains higher starch, which is a type of coarse grains.

Different uses

Cassava starch: In our country, cassava starch is mainly used as an additive in feed and food. In Taiwan, it is commonly used to make taro balls, which have a good taste.

Sweet potato starch: it is mainly used for making noodles that have a certain elasticity and taste better than other noodles.

What should you know about cassava flour and sweet potato flour?

Expecting containing a large amount of starch, cassava flour also is toxic. it can produce hydrocyanic acid under the action of gastric acid, which is harmful to the human body. While sweet potato flour does not have any toxins, and it can make people feel full, so you can not eat it too much.

Application of cassava

Cassava is one of the world’s three major food, and it is very common in tropical and subtropical regions. In my opinion, cassava is the fifth largest crop after rice, sweet potato, sugar cane and corn. Why? For example, tapioca flour can make alcohol, fructose, glucose, maltose, beer, bread, shrimp chips, biscuits, vermicelli, sauces and other chemical products.

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