Vegetable food dehydrator machine

Vegetable dehydrator (3)
Vegetable dehydrator (3)
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Vegetable food dehydrator machine Working principle

The main part of the vegetable food dehydrator machine is the inner tank with small holes where food and vegetables need to be placed. The motor drives the inner tank to rotate at a high speed through the belt. As a result, a large centrifugal force is generated, and the moisture is thus taken out through the small holes. Water is collected and discharged later.

Vegetable food dehydrator machine Advantage

1. The vegetable food dehydrator machine is suitable for all kinds of vegetable products to remove moisture from its surface, which is ideal processing equipment to get dehydrated vegetables.
2. This vegetable dewatering machine is based on the technical parameters of vegetable processing materials. The application of frequency conversion technology realizes the control of working time and speech as well as the time to start or stop.
3. It has remarkable features such as safe and reliable operation, simple operation, and low noise.
4. The running time and speed are easy to adjust, but they should be changed within the allowable range.
5. Large capacity, stable operation, high dehydration rate, and low noise. This machine has been sold to more than 20 countries and regions around the world and receives good feedback from our customers.

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Vegetable food dehydrator machine Brief introduction

The shell and top cover of the fruit vegetable food dehydrator machine are made of stainless steel. The material of the chassis, foot base, and holder consists of cast iron, and an outlet pipe is below it. The main shaft is made of high-quality steel with two bearings and the bottom is supported by thrust ball bearings to reduce wear and save power.

The vegetable food dehydrator machine adopts a separate motor to drive through a triangular tape and is equipped with a centrifugal starting flange, which can make the machine start steadily. Braking performance is high so that the rotating drum can be stopped quickly, and the main shaft can be prevented from being damaged.

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Our aims

There are more than 50 kinds of food processing machines in Taizy company. Over the years, we have been adhering to the concept of customer first and integrity management, attracting many consumers. The growing number of customers have built long cooperation with us due to exquisite craftsmanship, excellent technology, and perfect after-sales service, which enables us to rank first in the relevant industries. At the same time, Taizy has continuously introduced new products to meet the different needs of customers and has been well received by consumers.

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Technical parameters of Potato Dewatering/De-oiling Machine

Model Capacity Power Weight Overall Dimension
TZ-500 8-10kg/time 0.75kw/380v 400kg 940*560*830mm
TZ-600 15-20kg/time 1.1kw/380v 500kg 1050*660*930mm
TZ-700 25-30kg/time 1.5kw/380v 600kg 1180*760*930mm
TZ-800 35-40kg/time 2.2kw/380v 700kg 1280*820*1000mm

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