400kg/h almond shelling machine exported to Turkey

Electric almond shelling machine for turkey
electric almond shelling machine for Turkey
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The commercial almond shelling machine can quickly shell all kinds of nuts, which can save a lot of labor and improve shelling efficiency. The multi-stage almond sheller machine manufactured by Taizy factory can be used for different degrees of shelling and grading of different nuts, which is very suitable for use in nut factories and food processing factories. Recently, Taizy factory exported a 400kg/h almond shelling machine to Turkey.

Why did the Turkey client choose Taizy almond shelling machine?

The Turkish customer has an orchard locally. His plantation has a large number of walnuts, almonds and other nuts that need to be shelled every year. The customer said that his orchard only sold freshly harvested walnuts and almonds without further processing. In order to increase the added value of nut products, the Turkish customer decided to purchase shelling and roasting equipment to further process the nuts in his orchard.

Almond shelling machine for sale taizy
almond shelling machine for sale Taizy

The Turkish customer intends to buy an automatic almond shelling machine to shell the dried walnuts and almonds, then roast and pack the walnut kernels and almond meat, and sell them to supermarkets. This customer is very interested in the automatic multi-stage dehuller displayed on our website.

We sent him detailed sheller pictures, parameters and working videos to help him understand the working principle and usage of the machine. Finally, the Turkish customer accepted the quotation of the 400kg/h almond shelling machine we recommended for him and paid in time.

Main features of almond shelling machine for Turkey

Due to the relatively hard shell of almonds, shelling has always been a difficult problem for almond processors. Shelling almonds by hand is not only slow but also easy to hurt hands. This commercial almond shelling machine has a fast shelling speed and is easy to operate. It is an essential equipment for shelling almonds.

Turkey almond sheller for shipping
Turkey almond sheller for shipping

For the almond shelling machine researched and manufactured by our factory, many customers have reported that the effect of its use is very good. Therefore, our shelling equipment is very popular in the market, and it is currently exported to Serbia, Spain, Belgium, Qatar, Iran, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Pakistan, Indonesia, Chile, Brazil, the United States and other countries.

Parameters of Turkey almond shelling machine


Voltage:380V, 50HZ



Machine size:1.8*0.8*1.5M

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