Vegetable and fruit Dryer machine

Dryer machine (3)
Dryer machine (3)
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A brief introduction to an air dryer machine

The air dryer machine is suitable for water removal after sterilization of high-low temperature meat, vegetable, and other soft packaging products. It can effectively remove the water on the surface of vegetables by repeated turning and wind blowing.

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Features of air dryer machine for vegetable processing

  • Air dryer machine is environmental protection and energy-saving.
  • Effectively removing the water from vegetables, can save time to label and bin.
  • The air drying machine is suitable for the production line and improves automation.
  • It can keep the original color and quality of the raw material itself.
  • Usually, fruits and vegetables need to be quickly dried by the dryer after being washed by the washing machine.
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Air dryer machine
Air Dryer

Advantages of air dryer machine

1. The outlet of the air dryer is equipped with a baffle to prevent the air from blowing out.
2. Air dryer chain adopts an independent transmission system.
3. Draught fan has strong wind.
4. The air-drying production line has multiple functions and is especially suitable for the drying of high-low temperature meat, vegetable, and other bagged products after sterilization.
5. Compared with the traditional ways to dry water, the machine is easy to operate and use and the water removal rate is high.
6. The air dryer can realize continuous operation. Users only need to put raw material into the conveyor belt, and it is dried by the airflow generated by the nozzle.
7. Dryer machine is made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel with a small size and high efficiency.

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Name Power kw Weight kg Dimension mm Capacity kg/h
Dryer machine 7.5 400 3000X1200X1600 500

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