Industrial bubble fruit and vegetable washing cleaning machine

Industrial fruit and vegetable washing cleaning machine
industrial fruit and vegetable washing cleaning machine
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The industrial fruit vegetable washing machine is a bubble-type cleaning machine for washing vegetables and fruits. It mainly uses air bubbles generated by a fan to turn the material up and down, thereby removing impurities on the surface of the material. Then use a high-pressure spray for secondary cleaning. The commercial vegetable and fruit washing machine have the function of thoroughly cleaning materials without damaging them. Therefore, it is suitable for washing leafy vegetables, easily damaged fruits, and other vegetables and fruits.

Introduction of industrial fruit vegetable washing machine

The fruit and vegetable washing machine can form a washing line with the elevator, the air cooling machine, the grading machine, the packaging machine, and other machines. This production line is suitable for a variety of raw materials. And we can customize vegetables and fruit cleaning machines with various outputs and specifications according to customer requirements. The output of this production line can reach 500kg/h, 1000kg/h, 3000kg/h, and more.

Vegetable and fruit washing machine manufacturers
Vegetable And Fruit Washing Machine Manufacturers
Industrial fruit washing machine
Industrial Fruit Washing Machine

Application of commercial fruit and vegetable washer machine

The commercial vegetable fruit washer machine is mainly used for cleaning stems and leaves, root vegetables, edible fungi, aquatic products, various pharmaceutical and medicinal products, and various fruit.

Our machine's application
our machine’s application

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Industrial fruit vegetable washing machine working principle

The commercial leaf vegetable washing machine mainly relies on water bubbles to clean leafy vegetables. The constant rolling of the tossing bubbles makes the vegetables roll up and down. Therefore, the machine can realize the function of washing leafy vegetables without destroying them.

When the vegetable washer machine is working, fill the washing tank with water. Then pour the vegetables into the water tank. The frictional interaction between the raw material and the bubbles will produce a tumbling effect in the tank. And the air bubbles will continue to push the cleaned material forward.

There is a high-pressure water spray area at the end of the industrial fruit and leafy vegetable washing machine. It connects a water pipe to spray water on the surface of vegetables to remove the excessive impurities. Therefore, this machine can more thoroughly clean the impurities on the vegetable leaves.

Working picture of the machine
working picture of the machine

Advantages of the fruit vegetable washing machine

  1. The bubble fruit vegetable washing machine has an air pump and a water pump. The air pump is in charge of blowing water to realize the material moving forward. The water pump can realize the recycling of water to save water resources.
  2. There are two layers inside the machine, which are the outer casing and the mesh belt. There is some space between the mesh belt and the outer casing, which are mainly used for water circulation and garbage collection.
  3. Equipped with a high-pressure centrifugal fan, the air dryer has a large wind speed, large wind power, and fast-drying speed. The conveyor belt of the air dryer adopts a stepped design. It can be blown on both sides (flat belts can only be blown on one side and cannot be completely dried).
  4. Full stainless steel design. It will not rust and can be in contact with food directly.
  5. The design of a special collection of debris improves the utilization of water resources.
  6. This washing machine can connect to an external ozone device to achieve disinfection and sterilization during the cleaning process.
Commercial fruit and vegetable cleaning machine
commercial fruit and vegetable cleaning machine

Commercial fruit vegetable washing machine features

  1. Fruit and vegetable cleaning machine saves water, cut down electricity bills, and the speed of cleaning is very fast, which saves a lot of time after the cleaning of vegetables and fruits is very clean and healthy.
  2. During the whole washing process, the raw material remains intact. And with fruit and vegetable bubble cleaning machines high efficiency, a small footprint, and safe and reliable operation.
  3. The machine is very simple to install, easy to operate, convenient to maintain, and low in energy consumption.

Fruit vegetable cleaning machines made of stainless steel, durable can clean raw materials without being damaged. The efficiency of the product washing is more than three times higher than that of manual washing.

The fruit cleaning machine adopts a high-pressure water flow and air bubble generating device to post-high rinsing pressure on the surface of the object. The air bubble will burst when it comes into contact with the object, so as to scrub the surface of the object and clean it.

Commercial vegetable washing machine
Commercial Vegetable Washing Machine

High-pressure water makes the material tumble, thus removing the residual on the surface of the product. The floating objects in the fruit washer machine can overflow from the discharge tank. And the sediment can be discharged, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

The principle of a bubble shock wave is to improve the working efficiency by more than 50%, effectively kill harmful bacteria, and decompose residual pesticides. The machine is easy to operate, saving time and effort, low in energy consumption, and is healthy, safe, and high efficiency.

Tomato washing machine
Tomato Washing Machine

Vegetable washing machine export case

One of our customers from Saudi Arabia runs a vegetable and fruit processing plant. He needs a washing line for okra and strawberries. Because strawberries are easy to damage, we recommend bubble vegetable washing machines, hair roller cleaners, air dryers, and other machines to him.

According to his output of 800kg/h, we customized a 3m long machine for him. Then, according to the location of his workshop, we adjusted the export of the cleaner. And we drew him a schematic diagram of the machine placement for his reference. He was very satisfied with our machine and service, and soon he ordered an 800kg/h washing line from us.

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