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peanut peeling mahcine8
peanut peeling mahcine8

At present, many food processing factories will peel the peanut red skin during the peanut process. The main reason is that the peanut skin will affect the taste of the food, so the skin must be peeled before processed into various peanut food. Most of the processing factories adopt machine to peel nowadays, and the peanut dry peeling machine is professional equipment for removing peanuts red skin. So how does the peanut dry peeling machines work?

Composition of peanut peeling machine:

The peanut peeling machine is composed of a power device (including a motor, a belt, a pulley, a bearing, etc.), a frame, a feed hopper, a peeling roller (a steel roller or a sand roller), a suction fan, and so on.ta


peanut peeling machine


Working principle:

Peanut peeler

Peanut peeling machine uses the principle of differential rolling friction transmission to peel the peanut red skin. Peanut has to be peeled when peanuts are less than five percent moisture (to avoid baking). After sieving screening, the exhaust system sucks the skin away, so that the whole peanut kernel, a half grain, and broken corner are separated. This machine has the advantages of stable performance, safety and reliability, high productivity, and good peeling effect. It can be used in combination to increase the output. It is suitable for processing various specifications of peanut. The peeling rate of the peanut is 96%. This machine has two fans, one is blowing away from the peanut skin, and the other is driving the roller to rotate.

peanut peeling machine


Peanut peeling is a necessary machine for processing coated peanuts, cocoa peanuts, milky peanuts, peanut milk, peanut granules, fried peanuts, peanut candy, peanut cakes, rice pudding, peanut butter, peanuts, alcoholic peanuts, peanut oil, and other foods. The application of peanut peeler machine is very wide, and the processing of peanut food that we encounter in daily life is inseparable from it.

peanut peeling machine

Because peanut peeler machine is widely used, it occupies a large market in the food processing machinery market. Our factory has been producing peanut dry peeling machine for many years, and the production technology of the machine is very quite mature. If you are interested in this machine, please feel free to contact us.

Peanut peeler

Peanut peeler machine customer using case:

We have a customer friend named Komin from Myanmar. He is a peanut grower with many acres of land. He sent the unprocessed peanut to the processing plant with a low price. Now he is using our peanut dry peeling machine to further process with several times price as before. So he has added several machines to more benefits.

Peanut peeler


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