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peanut butter machine7
peanut butter machine7

Introduction of the peanut butter machine:

The peanut butter machine is composed of stainless steel and semi-stainless steel. The basic principle is to friction between fixed gear and moving gear with high-speed. In addition to the motor and some parts, the part touch the raw material of the peanut butter machine is made of high-strength stainless steel. Especially for the strengthening of key moving and static grinding discs. So the machine has good corrosion resistance and wear resistance, that the processed raw material is not dyed.


Working principle of the peanut butter machine:

The peanut butter is driven by a motor which to drive fixed gear and moving gear with a relatively high speed. One gear rotates at a high-speed and the other is stationary. The raw material produces a downward spiral impact force by its own weight or external pressure (which can be produced by the pump). When the material passes through the gap between the fixed and rotating teeth (the gap is adjustable), it is subjected to strong shearing force, friction force, high-frequency vibration, high speed vortex and other physical effects.
Then the material is effectively emulsified, dispersed, homogenized and pulverized to achieve the effect of superfine pulverization and emulsification of the material.


Advantages of the peanut butter machine:

The peanut butter maker machine is a centrifugal device. It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance, and is suitable for materials with higher viscosity and larger particles. Peanut butter machine has the advantage of the compact design, practical model, beautiful appearance, good sealing, stable performance, convenient operation, simple decoration, durable, wide adaptability, and high production efficiency. It is the ideal processing equipment for processing elaboration materials.



Application of the peanut butter machine:

(1)Food industry: pineapple, sesame, fruit tea, jam, juice, soybean, bean paste, bean paste, peanut milk, protein milk, soy milk, dairy products, malt extract, flavor, etc.
(2)Chemical industry:paints, dyes, coatings, lubricants, grease, diesel, petroleum catalysts, adhesives, detergents, plastics, fiberglass, leather, emulsified and so on.
(3)Construction industry:various coatings. Including interior and exterior wall coatings, anti-corrosion and waterproof coatings, cold porcelain coatings, colorful coatings, ceramic glazes, etc.


Parameters of the peanut butter machine:

model Capacity


Fineness power Size(cm) Weight(kg)
JMS-50 5-30 2-50micron 1.5 52*25*56 70
JMS-80 100-500 2-50micron 4 69*34*93 210
JMS-180 500-1000 2-50micron 18.5 99*49*118 450
JMS-240 1000-3000 2-50micron 37 135*55*134 1300
JMS-300 3000-6000 2-50micron 55 160*70*155 1600


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