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Automatic spring roll machine / spring roll maker

Spring roll machine
Spring roll machine

Spring roll machine is specialized for making spring roll, and its thickness is adjustable, that is, 0.3-1.2mm. Spring roll is also known as injira, and currently popular in the world, especially in Europe, America, South Korea, Japan, and other regions. Spring rolls are very common food on the street. It is often mixed with other materials to make very delicious food. Today let’s have a look of the spring roll machine.

spring roll application
spring roll application

Introduction of the spring roll machine:

Spring roll machine is a device that uses flour mixed with water to make a cooked round cake. It consists of a frame, pneumatic components, electrical components, heating elements and shaped abrasives which mainly used for the baking of duck cake, egg cake and other varieties of cake. The spring roll machine can set the heating temperature and heating time according to different requirements and can complete the pressing and heating work within the set time. The mold can be replaced according to the processing requirements to make different thickness and shape of the cake.

Spring roll machine
Spring roll machine

The common malfunction and related solution of spring roll machine

The spring roll machine does not work, check whether the power supply is connected correctly, and whether the switch of each part is closed and the electrical device is wired and plugged or not. After the spring roll machine is installed, the malfunction happens as follow:

(1). The machine suddenly stops rotating.

Solution: please press the red button or the green button on the inverter once.

(2). If it cannot operate normally.

Solution: please turn off the power light. Then, turn on the power to make the machine run. If it still does not work, replace the inverter.

(3). The main engine cannot be adjusted.

Solution: check if the speed control button is damaged, reinforcing the top of the speed control knob or replacing the speed control button.

Spring roll machine
Spring roll machine

(4). The mesh belt cannot be adjusted

Solution: check if the transmission is damaged or the motor is burnt.

(5). Leakage circuit breaker tip

Solution: check if the heating plate is leaking, whether the connecting wire and copper slip ring are leaking, and if they are leakage, it is recommended to replace it.

(6). The heating tube is not heated or intermittently heated.

Solution: a. check whether the leakage control table, heating plate or the hot spot are damaged. If yes, replace it in time.

b.Check whether the external power supply or circuit breaker has any problem, whether the contactor is damaged by electric shock.

spring roll maker

Precautions of spring roll maker

  1. Spring roll machine should be installed on stable ground.
  2. The heating must be parallel to the auxiliary line during installation.
  3. Turn on the electric cover to make the electrical appliances.
  4. After the work is finished, it must be cleaned with water.
  5. you must use the ground wire before use.

Working principle of the spring roll machine:

The heating temperature and heating time are set according to demand. The heating temperature will be displayed on the temperature control table. When the temperature reaches the set temperature, the heating will stop automatically. As long as the quantitative flour mixed with water is put into the container and the machine is started, the hydraulic device will press the upper mold and press the dough into a cake, which is also a major feature of the spring roll machine. The high-performance features make the spring roll more delicious. After forming, there are fans to cool the spring roll.

spring roll maker
spring roll maker

Advantage of the spring roll maker

1. The shape of the spring roll maker is more beautiful. More importantly, this machine has no noise when working, and no noise pollution at all. This spring roll maker also has a movable door which makes the machine easier and simpler to clean and maintain.

2. It can better protect flour when producing spring rolls, which improves the taste of spring rolls.

3. The control aspect adopts the control cabinet to control the operation. When the spring roll is produced, the proportion can be adjusted according to the different requirements, and it is very easy to adjust.

4. The thickness of size of spring roll is adjustable, and it ranges from 0.3 to 1.2mm.

5. The special design of conveying screen and chain is beneficial for heat dissipation.

spring roll maker
spring roll maker

The successful case

We have an Indonesia customer named Donny Swidianto. He wants to make a diameter of 180mm round spring roll and need to gas heating. We customized the diameter mold for him. At first, he was a bit worried that the machine packaging size was too large and the shipping cost would be a bit expensive. But when we tell him that the main unit and the conveyor belt were packaged separately, the packaging would not take up too much space. The customer made an order immediately. The customer is very satisfied with the machine working effect when we send the text video to him.

Dia. of heating Cylinder360mm500mm800mm1200mm
Size of machine4.3*0.8*1.35m4.7*0.95*1.58m5.2*1*1.5m6.2*1.15*2m
Electric Power6.0KW or gas13.2KW or gas38kw or gas59kw or gas
Host Power0.75KW0.75KW0.75KW0.75KW
Power Cutter0.55kw0.55KW0.55KW0.55KW
Belt power0.18kw0.55KW0.55KW0.55KW
N. W.320kg800kg1000Kg1200Kg
Size of the sheet ( Max.)round:180mmround:280mmround:430mmround: 500mm
Thickness of the sheet0.3-1.0mm0.3-1.0mm0.3-1.0mm0.3-1.0mm
Production capacity500-1000pcs/h1000-1600pcs/h3500pcs/h4500-7000p/h


  1. Can I adjust the thickness of spring roll?

Yes, it is adjustable, 0.3-1.2mm.

  1. Can I make spring roll with double lines?

Yes, TZ-8045 TZ-12060, both types can make it.

  1. Can I customize the size of spring roll?

Yes, it can be customized, and it has round and square shape.

  1. How to heat the spring roll maker?

It is better to fuel gas to he

More information, pls check the video:

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