Which countries have we exported about spring roll machine?

Spring roll machine
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Spring roll, know as its delicious taste, is a famous food in daily life, so the spring roll machine has a big market. In the recent years, we have exported this machine to many countries such as Algeria, Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, Colombia, Croatia, Egypt, Dominican rep, Ethiopia, Germany, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Israel, Kenya, Korea, Kuwait, Latvia, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, Oman, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestine, Reunion, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Srilanka, Thailand, Philippines, Sudan, Turkey, United Arab Emi, United kingdom, United States, Venezuela, Zimbabwe etc. Now, I introduce you to some of the successful cases for you.

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Case one: spring roll machine to Canada

In September, The Canada customer wanted the spring roller machine with a diameter of 22cm. We have many machines in stock and can deliver them any time. The voltage of Canada is different from China, and the voltage is 220v in China, but it is 240v in Canada. What’s more, the plug is round there. We made the proforma invoice for him soon after confirming all the details. At the beginning of October, we packed the machine well and delivered it carefully.

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Case two: spring roll machine to Israel

In May, the customer from Israel sent an inquiry and he needed 2 sets semi-automatic spring roller machine. We sent the operation video to him, and he felt very satisfied, placing an order from us at once. After he receiving the machine, he still needed extra spare parts for his old machine, to build a long-time partnership with him, we sent these spare parts to him for free.

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Case three:  United kingdom

It is a special case for us. Matt plans to buy a spring roll machine, and his son was in Weifang, Shandong Province at that time. Thus, he asked his son David to test the machine at our factory at the end of July, but David didn’t bring raw material. After David returned to England, Matt decides to come to China to conduct the test again, so we sent the invitation letter for him. He got the visa on the 1st, August, arriving in Guangzhou on the 5th, August. David went to our factory firstly, and was shocked by the amazing working effect of our machine. Therefore, he ordered 10 sets without any hesitation.

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Case four: Philippines

It is the country that we sell the most spring roll machine, and this customer wants 10*10 inch and 10*20inch machine with the square size spring roll. We send the professional quotation according to his requirements. Due to the income tax and business clearance and permits, he said he must delayed the time to buy machine, maybe in 3 weeks. After knowing his situation, we keep great patience to serve him, solving his problems quickly about the details of machine. At the 20th, September, he did the payment, and the machines is on the way now.

There are so many cases that i can not share with you one by one, and we are the professional spring roll machine manufacturer for more than 10 years. Just contact us to know more about this machine if you have any demands.

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