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The lumpia wrapper making machine is specially used to make the famous Philippine snack lumpia wrapper. The Lumpia wrappers produced by this machine are of regular shape and uniform size.

Food Machine Market Overview in the Philippines

The Philippines is located in southeast Asia and is composed of several islands with a population of about 81 million. The population currently maintains an annual growth rate of 1.92%. Although the agriculture of the Philippines occupies a very important position in the national economy, due to the special position of the Philippines, foods such as rice, wheat, and corn in the Philippines are mainly imported.

There are many types of imported agricultural products in the Philippines, and they are mainly milk, feed, meat, vegetables, and fruits, accounting for more than 60%. In recent years, imported food machine has also been increasing, including spring roll machine. The Philippine food processing industry accounts for 40% of the national manufacturing industry, and 20% of the national GDP.

What is Lumpia?

Lumpia is a fried spring roll in Philippine, and it is common locally, that’s why there are a growing number of lumpia roller in the Philippines exported from China. Filled with minced pork and mixed vegetables, it tastes crisp and delicious. When eating, you also can dip with sugar, vinegar, and sauce. It is often considered as an appetizer or snack in the Philippines.

Are spring roll wrappers and lumpia wrappers the same?

Actually, they are the same. Lumpia is deep-fried or sometimes served fresh. Lumpia wrappers are typically round and thin with flour, cornstarch, eggs, water, and butter. We usually use it to wrap lumpia rolls. Of course, if you want to improve the working efficiency, you can use the Lumpia wrapper maker machine.

What is the difference between lumpia and egg rolls?

The biggest difference between them is the pastry. Compared with lumpia wrappers, egg rolls wrappers are traditionally thicker and wider. Rice paper, wheat flour, and corn starch are the three ingredients of Lumpia wrappers, in addition, there is no egg in it.

The lumpia roller machine in the Philippines are mainly imported from China

The Chinese food consumption market in the Philippines is in great demand. China exports many food machines to the Philippines every year, especially the spring roller machine. Exporting food machines to the Philippines, whether it is direct sales products, investment in setting up factories, or import and export trade, has a high profit.

Although the Philippines has some traditional food industries, there are few types and a single product structure. Many Filipinos have strong demand for Chinese food with local characteristics, so the sales of lumpia roller machines in the Philippines are growing year by year.

Lumpia wrapper machine
Lumpia Wrapper Machine

The Philippines is also a food exporter

At the same time, the Philippines is also an exporter of food. Processed foods, fresh foods, and organic foods play an important role. The United States, Japan, Europe, South Korea, and the Middle East are the main targeted countries of the Philippines ’ food.




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