Boba tapioca pearl making machine for bubble tea

Boba maker
Boba making machine
Commercial boba maker machine is also called a tapioca pearl making machine. It generally applies in making bubble tea, tapioca pearls.
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The automatic boba maker machine is used to make no-filled tangyuan, tapioca pearl, popping boba, glutinous rice cake, and so on.  It also can be called a glutinous rice cake making machine and tapioca pearl making machine. It is very suitable for people who want to start a milk tea business. The boba making machine has the characteristics of simple operation, low cost, fast revenue recovery, and large sales market. If your raw material is special, we can test the tapioca pearls making machine for your material. The commercial boba maker machine is mainly composed of a feeding hopper, a dry powder box, a waste port, a discharge port, a universal wheel, and a blade.

Commercial popping boba maker machine operation video


How to make tapioca pearls?

  1. Rice flour is the main material, and put 10kg of glutinous rice flour and 4.5kg of boiling water, and mix them well in the dough mixer.
  2. Press the dough into a flat square with a thickness of 20-25mm and put it into the hopper for deep processing.
  3. You should press up the water pulverizing to dry. Take 2/3 rice flour to steam at 8-9 maturely, puts it into the mixer.
  4. Pour 1/3 or 2/3 wet rice flour and add 1/3 dry rice flour at the same time to stir evenly.
  5. Then press the rice flour until the surface becomes flat square(the thickness is 20-25mm).
  6. Finally, put them into the commercial boba maker machine feeder hopper. After the formation, expose to the sun for about 10-20 minutes, then pack.
Boba making machine
boba making machine

Attention: The boba making machine feeds hopper has three grids, which are divided into a front grid, middle grid, back grid. Put the dry powder in the front and back grid, and put the raw materials in the middle grid.

Applications of the boba pearls making machine

The boba pearl making machine can be customized according to different users’ requirements. This machine can make sweet boba pearls without stuffing such as pearls, greens balls, potato balls, boba, etc. Boba maker is very popular in the beverage industry and food processing industry. There are two models of the boba maker. The main difference between the two models is the yield and the diameter of the boba. The voltage of the machine can be adjusted according to the country where the customer is located.

Precautions of the boba maker machine:

  1. Do not put the hands into the machine hopper while the machine is running.
  2. After using it for a period of time, pay attention to machine cleaning and keep the hopper free of impurities.
  3. Do not push the dough by hand (the dough will run with the rollers)
  4. Some products are made. It needs to dry for a while or freeze.
Boba maker machine structure
boba maker machine structure

A successful case of glutinous rice cake making machine:

One of our Thai customers has a rice flour factory that he wants to produce some related products and increase income. Because the raw material of the glutinous rice cake maker machine can be rice flour, he found us on our website, and he wants to make boba. We recommend a suitable model for him according to his need. Then we sent the feedback video of the old customer to him, and he immediately placed the order.

Glutinous rice cake making machine
glutinous rice cake making machine

Now he has received the goods and put them into use. He gives feedback to us that the machine is very easy to use and simple to operate. He sells the glutinous rice cake to the retailer, compared with selling rice flour, he can get more profits. Many tourists are visiting Thailand so the sales market is very broad. In addition to the boba, tapioca pearls can also be produced according to market demand.

Automatic tapioca pearls making machine technical parameters


Advantage of commercial boba maker machine

  1. The size of all boba tea is the same.
  2. There are not broken sweet dumplings.
  3. The sweet boba maker machine is very easy to operate and clean.
  4. You can make boba in different colors.
Finished product by the popping boba maker
finished product by the popping boba maker

The operation flow of commercial boba maker machine

  • pull up emergency stop switch-press total power switch-green button, then press dough power switch-cutting knife power switch-green button.
  • Adjust dough speed control button and cutter speed control button until they show 50 at the digital display.
  • Idle boba maker for 10 minutes, and observe whether there are any faults and noise.

What are the working steps?

  1. After idling for several minutes, put the dough into the boba maker, and place the dry powder into the2/3 of the flour spreading box A and the flour spreading box B. Turn the dough speed control button, the cutter speed control button to the minimum.
  2. Turn on the emergency stop switch, main power switch, and the dough power switch in turn, and rotate the dough speed control button to the right until the display is 30.
  3. If the dough enters behind the pressure roller, observe whether the dough is smoothly sent from the pressure roller and the guide wheel on the transparent observation plate. Open the power switch of the cutter. The digital display of the knife speed control button is displayed as 50.
  4. Rotate the cutter speed control button to the left. After the dough was dropped into the forming wheel, observe the shape of the boba.
Boba making machine structure
boba making machine structure

When the boba is smaller than the diameter of the forming groove, the cutting speed can be slowed down or the speed of the dough can be accelerated; If the boba is larger than the diameter of the forming groove, the cutting speed can be slowly increased or the speed of the dough can be slowed down. When the diameter of the material is consistent with the diameter of the forming groove, stop the dough speed regulation or cutter speed regulation.

Note: Dough must meet some requirements such as not being too soft, and it should have certain toughness and gluten.

Due to the difference in dough, the thickness of the pressed dough is not the same. The automatic boba maker machine will be tested when it leaves the factory.

The finished boba of boba maker
the finished boba of boba maker

How to adjust the boba maker machine blade thickness?

  1. Adjust the pressure roller A first, and loosen the bolts, and scraper fixing bolts on fixing plate B.
  2. Loosen the nut attached to the bolt of the adjusting screw fixing plate A and rotate it to the right by 2 mm.
  3. After adjusting, first, lock the bolts on the fixing plate, then tighten the adjusting bolts to the fixing plate.
  4. Adjusting the pressing dough wheel B, the adjustment method is the same as that of the pressure regulating dough wheel A, and the gap between the pressing dough wheel B and the pressing dough wheel A cannot be much larger than the gap between the pressing dough wheel A and the guide dough wheel.
  5. Finally, the gap between the scraper and the pressure roller B is adjusted, and the material can smoothly slide from the scraper without the sound of scratching.

Note: When adjusting the two pressure rollers, the gap between them is even, and if the gap is not uniform, the size of the rice balls will be different.

Glutinous rice cakes
glutinous rice cakes

What should do if the knife can not cut the dough?

  1. Turn the cutter spindle by hand so that the cutting edge of the cutter faces the cutting edge of the guide plate.
  2. loosen the bolt of the fixed cutter on the cutter adjustment base, and slightly strike the cutter in the direction of the guide plate, and the gap can be transmitted.
  3. Rotate the cutter spindle again to observe whether the cutter edge and the guide edge are in a collision.

How to keep safe during operation?

  1. Prohibitmaintenancewhen the power supply is on.
  2. When the boba making machine is running, it is forbidden to remove the side sealing plate A, the side sealing plate B, the front sealing plate, and the rear sealing plate;
  3. When the boba maker machine is running, it is forbidden to press the face wheel A and the pressure wheel B by hand;
  4. it is forbidden to adjust the cutter and the pallet by hand;

How to maintain boba maker machine?

  1. Power off the machine during maintenance;
  2. Check the chain, fixing bolts every 6 months, and add lubricating oil to the chain sprocket regularly.
  3. Check the chain and sprocket monthly.
Milk tea topical pearls
milk tea topical pearls

FAQ of boba maker machine

How about the size of the dumplings?

The range of size is 6-14mm, and it needs to be adjusted in the factory, which means that the user can not adjust it by himself.

Can I order more molds and change them to get different sizes of boba?

No, because the inner structure of the boba maker machine is extremely complicated, molds must be changed by professional technicians. Otherwise, the machine may be damaged

Can I make boba with the size of 24mm?

Yes, you can do it, but the price is more expensive.

Is it possible to change the voltage and replace the socket?

Yes, they can be changed

Can I make boba in different colors?

Yes, you can, the color of boba depends on the color of the raw material.

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