How to make boba by boba making machine?

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Boba is favored by most people, usually, people prefer to buy boba making machine, but how to make it at home? Today I will share you the recipe and detailed steps and wish you can make it by yourself at home when you are free.

What’s the recipe to make boba?

  1. Prepare 10kg of glutinous rice flour, add 4.5 kg of boiled water, put it into the dough mixer and stir evenly.
  2. Then press the dough into a flat and square shape by hand until the thickness is 25MM-35MM.
  3. Adding water mill powder, and it should be dried.
  4. Steam a third of the rice powder, place it into the dough mixer machine, and then pour into one-third of the wet rice flour.
  5. Add one-third of the dry rice flour and stir evenly. Press the dough into a flat shape with a thickness of 25MM-35MM. After drying for 10-20 minutes, it can be packaged.
Finished boba
Finished Boba
  1. Add 10 kg of rice flour and water into the dough, cook in a pot and then dry it. Mix two-thirds of the dry rice powder in a dough mixer.
  2. If you mix dough without boiling water, you can add an appropriate amount of dumpling powder ameliorant according to different powder quality to prevent frost cracking.

8. Stir with cold water to make dough until it is agglomerated without being sticky.

9. The ratio of dough mixing speed and cutter speed is about 1:1, and it should depend on the specific co10.nditions of the dough. The size of shaping mold is 35X200X300MM.

10. You can appropriately speed up or slow down the pressing surface speed according to the molding effect until the boba into a round shape.

The above is the steps to make boba, are you clear now? If you are still confused about how to make it and want to buy a boba making machine, please contact us to know more.

Finished boba
Finished Boba